Patricia Mitchell

Founder & President

New York
'Patricia Mitchell has been an active Child Advocate for more then a decade. From a very young age Patricia was a pro with children, she became Michigan's State Champion in Children’s Story Telling. Receiving her four year College Degree, in two and ½ years, Graduating with a BA and a English Minor, attending Colorado College and Kings College in the UK. Patricia was a professionally trained actress, performing nightly with the American Musical School of Arts. With an invitation to NYC she began working on several soap operas, then TV & Film. After a few years Patricia accepted high paying fashion modeling jobs overseas, allowing her to live & work in more then six countries.. Patricia is also a Professional Baby/Child Wrangle for film, print & TV, and Photographer specializing in children & babies.
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Having achieved all her success without the support of anyone. Patricia became an unlikely victim of the Family Courts. During a rare and vulnerable time in Patricia's life, she made a regretful visit to her estranged relatives when she was nine months pregnant. Her heroine account of being terrorized by her estranged sister & mother is told in an editorial entitled Mother & Child an American Atrocity, as her estranged sister & mother used her baby as a weapon against her.

At the time of this rare visit, Patricia’s younger sister just had received an authoritative position with Child Protective Services, while at the same time the unfit father took advantage of the conflict between the estranged family members. After a host of Court Violations and long list of corruption Patricia lost custody of her child, after her vindictive sister HIRED an attorney to place Patricia's child permanent into State Custody. Base on this inconceivable injustice and life sentence, 'Patricia's Children' INC. was conceived. Recently Patricia was invited to speak to Child & Family committees at Michigan’s House of Representative, Michigan Governors private Task Force on Child Abuse & Neglect, to give workshop at the National Battered Mother’s Custody Conference, and has written several articles entitled ‘Children as Currency’ on this subject, as well as completed an academic Report into the investigation of CPS nation wide, entitled The CPS Comprehensive Report. This Report has been published on the, Arizona Congressional website among several other sites, while Professor Janelle Washburn from DU Graduate School is using Patricia’s Academic Report in her Graduate Course in the field of Social Work.

Patricia is currently working to bring awareness and change for the millions of children & families that have fallen prey to this broken system

Susan Titus Glascof

Secretary & Board Member

Westport Connecticut
Founder, Executive Director National Coalition for Family Justice’s National Advisory Board since 2003. A 40 year veteran of Advocate for the Freedom of Information Act, and Champion for Children’s Rights victimized by the Family/CPS courts. Glascoff was recognized as the 2007-2008 Professional of the Year representing advocacy by Cambridge Massachusetts Who’s Who. Named Westport Woman of Year, Westport, Connecticut, 2006. Glascoff has found an effective means to sustain her mission by partnering with Fairfield County’s Community Foundation to establish a donor-advised fund. Fairfield County’s Community Foundation brings together community organizers, business experts and philanthropists to solve our region’s challenges. Our goal is to create a vital and inclusive community, where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. Member of League Women Voters (vice president 1983-1985). Former secondary school educator, school board member and securities trader. We are honored to have a veteran with a heart of gold as our Secretary for 'Patricia's Children Inc.'

Tanya Russell

Treasury & Board Member

New Hampshire
We are honored to have Tanya Russell confirmed as our Treasurer. Having witnessed and investigated first hand the abuse and potential dangers of the CPS organization Tanya declared a more active role in helping save children and bring accountability and justice to this department. Tanya's love and desire to help children is genuine and infinite and we are happy to have her as our Treasurer of 'Patricia's Children'. Tanya currently lives happily in New Hampshire with her family of 5.