‘Patricia’s Legal Story’ / List of Violations

Although Patricia was never charged or accused of being a neglectful parent, nor was she convicted of any crime, her Rights were taken from her. Only after her estranged family went against Patricia's court Ordered visitations for over 5 months. The Traverse City Courts did nothing about these acts of Contempt of Court committed by her estranged deeply disturbed mother. The courts ignored Patricia's pleas to honor her court ordered visitation's; after not seeing her child for over five months, Patricia left that county to get help from her friends in NYC. The courts used this desperate action to free her daughter from her sick malicious family members and corrupt courts, against Patricia claiming 'Abandonment.' The courts filed to terminate her parental rights for Abandonment without notifying her. Only after the second day of the court proceedings did her court appointed attorney notify Patricia that they were in session to terminate her rights. Only after a host of Grievances, Gross Misconduct, Obstructions of Justice, Severe Negligence, Conflict of Interests, Significant Errors, Destroying/Tampering with Evidence and numerous Court, State, Local and Federal violations; Resulting in a 100% innocent mother having her Rights terminated.

Below is a multitude of CPS & court violations, and more then 22 Court, State, Local, Civil, Constitutional, and Federal rules and laws that were violated in this case. With a host of Grievances, Gross Misconduct, Obstructions of Justice, Severe Negligence, Conflict of Interests, and Significant Errors; which led to the termination of Patricia Mitchell’s parental rights. Coupled with undeniable evidence illustrating what was behind this massive miscarriage of justice. Because of these violations Patricia Mitchell was robbed of a life with her daughter.

The Magnitude of Injustices below are written out for….

To plea to the Governor of Michigan ___________ Requesting/Praying to “PARDON” (mother) MS Patricia Mitchell -OR- Requesting/Pleading/Praying to DISMISS the unlawful Trial that unjustly terminated Patricia Mitchell’s parental rights; due to the “Gross Misconduct, Severe Gross Negligence, Significant Errors, Malicious Misconduct, Obstruction of Justice and two Conflicts of Interests. These unjust deeds were present/evident/prevalent throughout this Trial. See evidence below.

  • TRANSCRIPTS DESTROYED:  After Patricia Mitchell unjustly lost her parental rights, she requested the Reverse Custody Transcripts from the 5-day Trial  The Trial that Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday “Filed an Appearance in behalf of Patricia Mitchell” in Traverse City Circuit Court.  The Grand Traverse County Courts priced the transcripts at $2,500. MS Mitchell agreed to pay. Five minutes later Traverse City Circuit Court called back Mitchell to tell her “the Reverse Custody Trial transcripts had been lost.”  Ten minutes later, Traverse City Circuit Courts called to say that “the transcripts were destroyed and taped over.”   Patricia Mitchell reported Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday’s “Obstruction of Justice” act to the Michigan’s Attorney General’s Office, after Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday “taped over” intentionally “Destroyed Evidence,” of ALL the Court Transcripts from the Five Day Reverse Custody Trial, which revealed that Lynn Buday represented Patricia Mitchell as the FIT mother to receive full custody.  Both Lynn Buday and Traverse City Courts were “FINED,” By the Michigan States Attorney Generals Office, due to the Obstruction of Justice committed by Lynn Buday.  Lynn Buday was suspended from her assistant prosecutors job and moved to the next county, Kalkaska, and ran for a Judge position, where she is a Judge to this day.——

    Jasiah HAPPY in her home with her mother!

      These  Transcripts would of shown that Buday represented Ms Mitchell as the Fit Parent. Because 5 months later Buday filed a petition to terminate her Parental Rights, even though MS Mitchell had no incident or contact with her child in those 5 months.  During those 5 months the TC courts refused to honor both parents court ordered visitations.  After 5 months, Patricia saw her child for the first time.   Jasiah had been extremely neglected by the grandparents, lost 5 lbs, covered with hundreds and hundreds of inflamed bug bites, and terror in Jasiah’s eyes. Patricia left to NYC to get support & help from her friends. At that time  Buday filed a petition to take Patricia’s Parental Rights away, siting “Abandonment.” Buday did not inform Mitchell of this pending trial, and was not told until the second day of the trial, where Patricia flew back to TC on the next plane.   Prior to these actions: In unprecedented move Lynn Buday dismissed Patricia’s court appointed attorney David Clark, who was to Represent Patricia in her 5 day Reverse Custody trial in front of Referee Marian Kromkowski.

    Jasiah’s bedroom in her home with her mother/Patricia

    But Buday dismissed Attorney Clarke and and Filed an appearance to Represented mother Patricia Mitchell as the Fit parent to regain sole custody of her child, away from the father Bonsell. Buday and Patricia met every morning in the Prosecutor’s office before the Reverse Custody Proceedings to go over their plan against Bonsells attorney and the Guardian ad litem Nina C Merton, who favored Bonsell, due to Carolyn Spencer’s (Family First case worker) and Patricia’s estranged sister and Virg Mitchell’s (Patricia estranged mother) influence. Both Carolyn Spencer and her mother Virgline Mitchell had misled the courts and officials in an malicious act against Patricia and her child, resulting in CPS & Friend of the Court case workers giving Patricia’s baby to Bonsell, who lived in a school bus with a twice convicted sex offender towards children.

    Jasiah was forced by Court Order to live in this school bus, taken from her beloved mother/Patricia and their home. Forced to live with two convicts, chronic alcoholics, pot smoking, with extensive violent criminal records. the Bus reside on twice convicted sex offender who lived in a trailer next to the bus. Due to Carolyn Spencer (Patricia’s estranged sister) who was also a case worker in this community and Virg Mitchell (Patricia’s estranged deeply disturbed mother) who recommend that the child be given to the father.

    Renowned Civil Rights attorney Dean Robb had called over to Judge X and said “What the Hell is going on over there? etc”  The Judge then ordered Lynn Buday to Represent Patricia to assure she receive full sole custody of her child.  By the 5th day Patricia won her child back in a landslide, but before Referee Kromkowski made her ruling on Friday at 3:00pm, Carolyn Spencer hired an attorney Debra Lynch to Intervene, to place the child permanently into State Custody, placing the ruling on hold.  Leaving all party’s in limbo.

  • The Ombudsman Office did an internal investigation, and found “Significant Negligence and Errors” and “Gross Misconduct” by Grand Traverse City Courts and Traverse City CPS in Patricia Mitchell Termination Trial. Patricia sent her FILE to Congressman Jason Allen who Represented Traverse City County, Congressman Allen requested the Children’s Ombudsman Office to investigate, their findings echoed the Attorney Generals evaluation, discovered Gross Misconduct” and “Significant Negligence and Errors.”  However, Ombudsman Office stated their Office only had authority to investigate; they regretfully had no authority to reverse the Termination Trial Court’s decision.
  • FIRST CONFLICT of INTEREST: The CPS caseworker who wrote out the initial Petition against Patricia  Mitchell was a colleague of Carolyn Spencer, Patricia’s sister.   Carolyn Spencer had been hired by CPS, as a Family First caseworker, only weeks prior to this incident. Carolyn Spencer and Patricia were not on speaking terms at the time of their reunion in Michigan. Carolyn Spencer insisted that a Petition be file against her sister Patricia Mitchell, after she received a DUI. (Patricia was not a drinker,had not even so much as a traffic ticket prior to this incident) However, the CPS caseworker Diane Butterflied testified in court that she did not agree with Carolyn Spencer, due to the fact that Patricia had a clean record.
  • SECOND CONFLICT of INTEREST: At Patricia’s Mitchell’s trial to terminate her parental rights, the Court Appointed attorney Brett Baird who was assigned to the mother/Patricia was having an affair with the Assistant to the Assistant Prosecutor, named Melanie Stanton.  Attorney Brett Baird and his lover Attorney Melanie Stanton were in the Court Room together on opposite sides, during the proceedings of Patricia Mitchell’s trial that took her Parental Rights away. This public affair ended in Brett Baird’s divorcing and Melanie Stanton Law license suspended. The entire terminating trial should thrown out. According to Michigan higher Courts practices.
  • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF AND INTENTIONAL CRUELTY: Carolyn Spencer used “Criminal Mischief” and “Intentional Cruelty” to separate Patricia Mitchell and her child Jasiah Bonsell. Under the Federal Constitutional Law “The Color of Law #1983”: When a State Employee ‘abuses their authority’  for personal gain or using their position to target another, ‘such as a personal vendetta,’  the State Employee shall be held responsible.

    Carolyn Spencer, Family First case worker & Patricia’s sister

    Michigan State Employee, Family First caseworker, Carolyn Spencer, abused her authority, using false allegations, made bogus implications to CPS and the Courts, bogus accusations to CPS and the Courts, and made fraudulent police complaints, without supporting evidence. Carolyn Spencer used “Intentional Cruelty,” “Criminal Mischief,” “Inflammatory Slander,” while an employee of the State Agency Family First, against her sibling Patricia Mitchell, resulting in the termination of Patricia Mitchell’s parental rights, and permanently victimizing her daughter, Jasiah Rose Bonsell. Furthermore, Carolyn Spencer received “personal gain,” both in currency and the child herself.   Spencer registered as a ‘foster parent,” thus receiving financial monthly gain/income from the State. Spencer furthered her crusade against Patricia and her daughter Jasiah Bonsell, by registering Patricia’s child fraudulently as a “Special Needs” child, therefore, receiving twice as much money per month than the regular foster parent.

  • NO HEARING OR TRIAL: Patricia Mitchell lost custody of her child to the father, Paul Bonsell aka “Brian” aka “Sonny; WITHOUT a Hearing or Trial. The Ruling was made and Judgment was signed by Judge Powers in the hallway of the Grand Traverse County Court House. It states in this document that the judgment was signed “in a Session,” when in fact it was signed in the hallway of the TC court house, with no one present except for the Family First worker, Kathy Prichard (a colleague Carolyn Spencer) and a Family Court caseworker Al Crocker “Friend of the Court” (who met Patricia only once, for a couple of minutes).

    Paul Bonsell, aka ‘Sonny’ aka Brian

    However, both insisting that the child be given to the father, under Carolyn Spencer’s demands.  This Ruling was signed, due to the solo request and insistence of Carolyn Spencer. (the case workers wrongly assumed that Carolyn Spencer knew something that they did not)NO HEARING, NO Court Proceedings, allowing the Courts to hear the history of Sonny/ Paul/Brian’s Bonsell’s living conditions and criminal or violent history. Nor did the Courts hear any reason to transfer custody to Sonny Bonsell, away from the mother Patricia Mitchell.

  • img198GROSS MISCONDUCT AND ‘SEVERE NEGLIGENCE.        Jasiah Rose img197Bonsell was taken from her sound and loving mother, who had an apartment and was working, and ordered by Traverse City Courts to live with the unfit father. Sonny Bonsell, the father, was living in a broken down school bus that was situated on the property of Don Nelson, who lived in a trailer next to the bus. Don Nelson was a twice convicted Sex Offender, who was on probation at the time that stated “No Contact with Children.”  The father of the child, Jasiah Bonsell, “Sonny” aka Paul aka Brian Bonsell, was given Full Custody of the child through the recommendations of Carolyn Spencer and colleague CPS caseworker Kathy Prichard. Bonsell who had three false identifications, including two false driver licenses, was a 25 year old 10th grade dropout and a chronic alcoholic and pot smoker, with a criminal record. The Courts deemed his chronic alcoholism as “functional alcoholic.” Bonsell also had an extensive violent history of assault charges and convictions, an EXTENSIVE criminal record background in more than three states, numerous convictions, a FBI number, and his driver’s license was revoked from multiple DUI’s, at the time of receiving full custody.

    Jasiah living in the bus.

    Bonsell lived in a broken down school bus, next door to a twice convicted Sex Offender.All this evidence was known to CPS at the time CPS recommended that Bonsell received full custody of this child. However, CPS concealed the evidence from the Courts by NOT having a Hearing or even a Session, thus ensuring that Bonsell receive full custody. CPS removed the child from the healthy, well-educated, profoundly fit mother, who was 31, and had a history of high achievement and success for over ten years in New York City, whereas Bonsell had a recent 37 page criminal rap sheet, including violent crimes, See Detective Mead’ Report/in Leland police department/or I can send it to the read with their request) CPS also had full knowledge of Don Nelson’s history, becasue Patricia notified all agency’s and departments about Nelson’s recent sex offending charge and his history of Sex offensive convictions. After the unjust custody transfer, Patricia Mitchell pleaded desperately to the Judge to take her child out from that life threatening hazardous environment.

  • After Patricia refused to give her baby to Bonsell living in this environment, Patricia was Charged with “Kidnapping” (although her child and her were in her apartment)    It should be noted here, that CPS case worker Rosa Brenner appeared in court at Patricia’s Kidnapping charge to defend CPS decision to place Patricia’s baby with the father/Bonsell and Nelson living in the bus.  CPS Rosa Brenner went out to the bus twice and each time Brian and Rosa ended up getting high together with marijuana becoming ‘friends’ with Bonsell. Patricia Mitchell pleaded “Your Honor, Don Nelson is a convicted Child Molester, please your honor.”

    Jasiah, living in school bus without her mommy and in fear. no running water, sharp and harmful objects cluttered every where everywhere.

    Patricia’s words were quickly shut down by CPS caseworker Rosa Brenner, who stood to correct this mother’s desperate pleas. Caseworker Rosa Brenner said, “Your Honor, Don Nelson is NOT a child molester, he’s a Sex Offender, there is a difference.” Patricia Mitchell responded by saying, “Your Honor, Nelson’s subjects were children, and Nelson is on Probation as we speak. And his Probation states “No Contact with children.” CPS Caseworker Rosa Brenner responded, “Your Honor, what is a Sex Offender going to do to a baby?”   Patricia gasped and turned as white as ghost and fell to her knees. Nevertheless, Michigan’s CPS NEVER did take Patricia Mitchell’s child from the horrifically inconceivable environment. Michigan State Children Protective Services,  knowingly and with intentional cruelty NEVER removed Jasiah Rose Bonsell (Patricia Mitchell’s child) from the school bus, away from Don Nelson, a twice Convicted Sex Offender, or from the father Bonsell’s life-threatening lifestyle & environment.

    Jasiah’s bedroom in the school bus, right/lower corner was her bed.


  • COURT-ORDERED VISITATIONS NOT HONORED/CONTEMPT OF COURT.   After Bonsell received Full Custody, Patricia Mitchell, mother of the child, was given weekend visitations every other week. Paul Bonsell began to feel invincible and decided not to honor MS Mitchell’s Court Order visitations.  Grand Traverse City Courts, grotesquely and boldly ignored MS Patricia’s Court Order Visitation.  Both Bonsell and CPS were in Contempt of Court for not allowing Mitchells Court Appointed visitations, at the time Bonsell had full custody.   Bonsell was now friends with the CPS caseworkers, Kathy Prichard & Rosa Brenner, following Carolyn Spencer’s and Virgline Mitchell’s malicious agenda.Patricia Mitchell was being railroaded by this small town’s Courts and CPS, on a scale rarely ever seen. CPS caseworkers Darlene Butterfield and father Paul Bonsell were never held responsible for being in Contempt of Court.   Patricia Mitchell reported these actions to the Probate Supervisor, which resulted in CPS caseworker Darlene Butterfield being transferred off this CPS case.  Replaced by Jack Crandal (an unkempt older man from Poland) reciting over Patricia’s case, but Darlene Butterfield still pulled all the strings. Crandal was uneducated knew nothing about children or the well-fare of children.  In this small town ‘the State was Carolyn Spencer’ in a room with one other CPS caseworker/or Family First agent, either Crandal, Butterfield, Brenner or Prichard, that was “the State.”  Every movement that placed Jasiah away from her mother, was originated by Carolyn Spencer or Bonsell, there was never an outside source.   Spencer used her authority by deliberately placing Patricia Mitchell’s baby in a dangerous environment, with the intentional cruelty.
  • INTENTIONAL  FRAUDULENT CLAIM and PERJURY — Knowingly and Intentionally spoke FALSE INFORMATION/ UNDER OATH, from DR WAYNE SIMMONS. PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST/attempting to appease CPS, And Carolyn Spencer’s false accusation that had NO grounds or bases: Dr. Wayne V. Simmons, who was employed by CPS/the State, saw Ms. Mitchell for the required ten-minute interview. Ms. Mitchell took a standardized State test that included general questions such as: a.) Have you ever seen yourself in a magazine? b.) Have you ever seen yourself on television? c.) Do you have any famous friends? Ms. Mitchell had been a fashion model and actress in New York City and lived all over the world for ten years, so the truthful answer was “Yes”; however, in this standardized test, “Yes” was the incorrect answer. Ms. Mitchell was concerned about answering the question truthfully, as she knew “the “wrong answer was ‘yes.”Patricia asked Simmons how to respond and he told her to “just tell the truth” and she did. The next day Dr. Simmons reported to CPS that Mitchell had scored low on her test and stated “She believes that she was a model and actress”; she “believes that she lived in New York City,” “she Believes she went to College , was a fashion model and traveled the world” etc., implying she was delusional and not telling the truth. The following day Ms. Mitchell brought in several magazines with herself in the magazines as a fashion model; VHS tapes of her acting, and her college degree, with a 3.7 GPA every year for 4 years, to Dr. Simmons.   Simmons was stunned to learn that Mitchell had in fact been telling the truth. DR Wayne Simmons had been prepped by Carolyn Spencer/(Family First Case worker) insisting that Patricia was some how mentally unfit, suggesting that Patricia was delusional, without giving ‘Cause’ or reason.  But then Dr. Simmons became very casual and said his written account/report to CPS would not count against her as an unfit parent, unless he was subpoenaed to the Court.   (referring to the violation above) On January 1998, under a subpoena from The Grand Traverse Court and in the case to terminate Patricia Mitchell’s parental rights, Simmons went under oath and began to read his original report committing FULL and intended PERJURY, telling the jury that Patricia Mitchell scored low on her psychological exam and continued with his narrative, Patricia believes she went to college ad has a College Degree, Patricia believes she lived in NYC and knows famous people, and was fashion model, etc etc. Therefore, Dr. Simmons knowingly gave false information to the Court and Jury, which resulted in Patricia Mitchell’s parental rights being terminated. Everyone in the Court room knew Patricia Mitchell went to College had a degree with honors, lived in NYC and all over the world ad fashion model had high social status in NYC, etc etc,  except the Jury. Patricia spoke out of turn and pleaded with the Judge to be given permission to represent herself, citing that her court appointed attorney Baird was not giving a foundation prior to his questioning Patricia’s  estranged family members. But the Judge refused, so Patricia walked out of the Court room.        Note: Bonsell refused the psychological evaluation and refused any therapy, while mother was willing to do anything for the sake of her child’s well-being, and to secure custody of her child, while Bonsell just refused.
  • GRAND TRAVERSE COURTS KNOWINGLY — USED FRAUDULENT EVIDENCE TO TERMINATE PATRICIA MITCHELL’S PARENTAL RIGHTS. All three CPS petitions against Patricia Mitchell were dismissed and proven fraudulent in Probate Court. All three bogus petitions were proven false in the court of law and Patricia’s child was returned to her!  The First Petition was based on a DUI. Caseworker Darlene Butterfield later stated in Court that the first petition would have never been written up for one DUI. Patricia did not even have a traffic violation before the DUI, and had no criminal record, if it wasn’t for caseworker/sister Carolyn Spencer’s and Virgline Mitchell’s insistence of a petition against Patricia Mitchell. Petitions two and three originated solely from Carolyn Spencer and Paul Bonsell, and were both found 100% fraudulent, Grotesquely untrue. All three CPS allegations were proven 100% false in Probate Courts and the Petitions were DISMISSED. HOWEVER, ALL three CPS Petitions were used against Patricia Mitchell as evidence to terminate her parental rights.  From the first false CPS Petition, through to the second, and third petition, Patricia Mitchell was forced to represent herself against skilled attorney’s with law degrees and to defend her child’s well-being, she lacked proper knowledge of the court rules and laws, bullied and was crude violation of basic civil rights.  There were no ‘Hearings,’ prior to the transfer of custody to the father.  Patricia all alone represented herself in the aftermath that followed when Bonsell received Full Custody.
  • REFUSAL TO RECOGNIZE CUSTODY MOTION. Patricia Mitchell filed a Motion with the Town Clerk in Pro-Bono to request a Hearing for reverse custody after the father BONSELL was convicted and sentenced to several months in jail on 13 different accounts of fraud, robbery, thief four months after Bonsell received custody of the child.  The child, was returned to the mother.                                                                                      So the mother Patricia had physical custody of the child, but not legal custody, due to Bonsell’s incarnation. However, the TC courts allowed the father, Bonsell, to legally hold on to his full custody status during his jail sentence. Patricia Mitchell was relentlessly turned away by the Traverse City Courts, as she made attempts to file in pro-bono a Motion for Reverse Custody, and an Emergency Ex parte Motion.  The Towns Clerk told her that the Prosecutor would not allow ‘the Town Clerk’ to accept Patricia Mitchell’s Motion’s until the father was out of jail.  During this period Ms. Mitchell filed two motions requesting an “Emergency Ex’ Parte Motion Hearing” in Pro Bono, with the Town Clerks. The TC Courts ignored Mitchell’s Plea to File.     Bonsell was released from jail after serving more than three months in jail.  Bonsell, penniless, jobless, homeless, and with a revoked driver’s license, came to live with Patricia Mitchell, who was working, had an apartment, and had physical custody of the child but not legal custody. Patricia the ever appeasing character that she is, tried to reach out to her abusers grasping and praying for peace and civilized interactions.  So Patricia allowed Bonsell to stay in a spare room, in her apartment.   Patricia Mitchell was providing food and shelter for Bonsell and their child for over 5 months.  Regardless of her kindness in taking him in and providing for him, Bonsell decided to move out, taking the child with him.  Patricia desperately tried to stop him, but the authorities got involved and allowed Bonsell to take Patricia’s beloved child. In 35 degree weather, Bonsell started walking down a busy road with Jasiah in his arms, without taking a coat, clothes, blankets, without a bottle, pacifier, diapers, or even formula for the child’s basic needs.
  • UNWARRENTED KIDNAPPING CHARGES. Patricia Mitchell was arrested for “kidnapping” after she refused to give her child back to Bonsell. Sunday night and after a weekend visitation Patricia Refused to give her child back to Bonsell knowing he still lived in that School bus, it was November 35 degrees in Michigan, no heat and no running water, with Don Nelson, in a life threatening environment for a baby. NOTE: Bonsell used an open propane tank with small flames exposed setting in the hall way of his bus to heat the bus. extremely dangerous for anyone, unthinkable for a baby just learning to walk.The police intervened and ordered the child back with Bonsell, because he still had full custody, while Patricia was unjustly held at the police station in shackles; an Officer held the baby and waited at the police station for the twice-convicted sex offender Don Nelson (who was on Probation) to drive Bonsell to the police station to pick up the baby. (Bonsell could not drive, licenses was revoked from numerous DUI’s) Patricia was released within an hour, and the “kidnapping” charge against Patricia Mitchell was “Dismissed.”  (After Virgline Mitchell heard the Judge state the maximum sentence, 5 years, for this charge of kidnapping, and even though the charge was immediately dismissed within hours.  Virgline told estranged family members and relatives that Patricia was going to prison for five years, Virgline Mitchell and Carolyn Spencer continued their devious efforts at discrediting and sabotaging Patricia. However, the State would later use this ‘arrest for kidnapping‘ and others like it (actions in which mother/Patricia was protecting her child, acting in the best interest of her child) as additional leverage to terminate Patricia Mitchell’s parental rights. The State would later refer to this and other unjust arrests that were dismissed as evidence of “a history of criminality,” intentionally using Patricia Mitchell’s actions of protecting her child as evidence to terminate her parental rights.  Patricia Mitchell did not even have a traffic violation prior to entering this county a year ago.BELOW are photographs of Jasiah, feeling Healthy, Confident and Happy, once again back in her mothers arms and care. During a 5 month period of peace, when Bonsell was in jail and the two month period after Bonsell was out of jail, and living off  Patricia in her spare bed room, However Patricia remained full caregiver to her child. UNTIL one day Bonsell took Jasiah back to live in the Bus on Nelson’s property.
  • POSTPONEMENT OF CUSTODY RULING IN FAVOR OF PATRICIA MITCHELL: The five day Trial heard in front of Referee Marian Kromkowski, proceeded as Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday argued against Bonsell’s hired attorney and the Guardian of Light Nina C Merton, in behalf of the Mother receiving full custody.

    Jasiah confident, loved, safe under custody of her mother/Patricia.

    On the fifth day Patricia Mitchell won full custody of her child. However, that same Friday afternoon, within the hour, Carolyn Spencer and Virgline Mitchell hired attorney Debra Lynch and filed a Motion to Intervene to have the child be placed permanently into state custody.  Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday (overwhelmed) placed the Reverse Custody Verdict on hold, and all parties motions in a freeze, thus postponing the return of Patricia Mitchell’s child and then allowing the Grandparents to take the child out of State for four months. At this time, Lynn Buday abruptly stopped communicating with the Patricia Mitchell.

  • GRANDPARENTS IN CONTEMPT OF COURT: Desperate to save her child’s life from a dangerous, life-threatening environment, At the beginning of the Reverse Custody Trial Patricia Mitchell filed in Pro-Bono, a Motion pleading to Referee Marian Kromkowski to place the child into “Neutral Territory,” with the child’s grandparents as having Temporary Guardianship.  Kromkowski Granted Patricia’s Mitchell’s Motion to plae her child into Neutral Territory, thus successfully removing Patricia’s baby out of the school bus!

    Virg Mitchell…Patricia’s estranged and deeply disturbed and malicious cruel mother.

    Note: it was mother Patricia’s Mitchell’s motion that allowed Jasiah to be removed from that bus! Although there was still a high risk involving the unstable “mentally incompetent” grandparents, Patricia considered this the lesser of two evils, believing it only be a couple of weeks at most before she would receive full custody.  See Ref # ________At a Hearing at a later date, however, Patricia’s Motion that was Granted by the Referee, to place her child into “Neutral territory” was overlooked and down played as the grandparents refused to allow Patricia her court ordered visitations. This placed Jim and Virgline Mitchell in direct violation of a Court-Ordered visitation and in Contempt of Court.  Patricia Mitchell went back to the courts pleading for her Court Ordered Visitation, but neither the court, nor assistant prosecutor Lynn Buday responded. So Patricia filed another a Motion (in Pro-bono) to “Withdraw her Motion to place her child into Neutral Territory” and filed this Motion with the Clerk, but there was no response as if it was never filed.   At the same time, no Hearing was scheduled to hold the grandparents accountable. (The courts and authority in this county were making up rules as they went along, and breaking and disrespecting the laws and rules that they were entrusted with by the State and citizens to enforce.    For the next five months Patricia Mitchell was denied her court ordered visitations. During these months the mother had no legal representation.  Jim and Virgline Mitchell proceeded to take the child ‘out of State’ to Florida for 4 months, which caused months of Contempt of Court and prevented the mother’s (and father’s) court-ordered visitations.  Five months later, the mother was able to have the first visit with her child at the Family First building, which is an affiliate CPS.   Her child was unrecognizable. She had lost 4 pounds. The little girl was significantly smaller and her head had deep indentations on both sides. Her ears stuck out from her skull, and she was covered with hundreds and hundreds of untreated blistering bug bites. Jasiah eyes were hollow/vacate and she had terror in her soul, Jasiah hid under furniture and would not come out. The mother pulled out her camera to take a photograph of her child; CPS/Family First confiscated the camera, refusing to allow the mother to take photographs of her child in that alarming state. When Patricia got back to her car, she went into physical shock, shaking uncontrollably, her teeth shattering by their own accord, as if she was in a snow storm, and she began to vomit.  Patricia’s child was dying from her torturous treatment from the grandparents. the Grandparents often left the child with other unfit relatives and strangers. Patricia decided to leave that corrupt rural area, back to NYC to get help from her friends.

  • TERMINATION PETITION WITHOUT INCIDENT. Three weeks later the Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday filed a Termination Petition against the mother and the father without incident, and without any interaction with Jasiah.  Then 5 months later Buday rewrote her petition agaisnt Patricia Mitchell and based it on “abandonment.  The courts had not held the grandparents accountable for their contempt court when they refused all visitation to both parents and went to Florida for several months with Jasiah.  Buday went from representing the mother as the “fit parent” to receive full custody, (at the 5-day Reverse Custody trial) to filing a petition to have her (and Bonsell’s) parental rights permanently terminated.   During those months Buday placed the Reverse Custody verdict on hold, the mother had no contact with her child since the child had been taken out of state to Florida by the grandparents. Therefore, Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday went from representing the mother (Patricia Mitchell) in a 5-day trial, to Filing a Petition to Terminate her parental rights, WITHOUT incident, and WITHOUT having contact with her child.
  • NO GROUNDS TO TERMINATE PARENTAL RIGHTS: Without anyone in that town of Traverse City honoring Patricia’s Mitchell Court Ordered visitation, and after seeing the state in which her child was in, Patricia’s was more desperate then ever and choose to go get help and support in New York City.  In her absence Mitchell received a court-appointed attorney, Brett Baird.  Patricia Mitchell was told on the phone by Baird “not to worry,” that the Petition was an act of frustration by Lynn Buday made against Patricia’s entire family; Patricia was also told by her court attorney that the State had NO GROUNDS to terminate her Parental Rights and that the State also had several legal obligations, such as a series of parenting classes and programs, to fulfill before the Courts could terminate her parental rights. Patricia Mitchell was never offered the State mandatory parenting classes and programs that were required by law prior to terminating any parent’s parental rights. Patricia Mitchell was not told or notified or contacted by TC Courts or informed by her court appointed attorney that a termination trial was even scheduled, even though Patricia contacted her court appointed attorney by phone twice a day.  Brett Baird said nothing about a trial to terminate her rights! Patricia Mitchell was finally told about the trial after the trial was in progress.Patricia flew out on the first plane to Traverse City Michigan. Patricia was never told that by leaving the State to get help and support from her friends in New York, that the CPS could claim grounds for “Abandonment” to terminating of her parental rights. (Keep in mind as well that there were no incidents, accusations or allegations in which Ms. Mitchell had neglected or abused her child, nor was she ever charged or arrested for such a claim.)
  • UNAUTHORIZED, UNNECESSARY SURGERY ON PATRICIA MITCHELL’S CHILD. The State of Michigan operated on Patricia’s child, Jasiah Rose Bonsell four times, without it being a life threatening situation; the surgery was depicted as an “elective surgery.”  The first surgery occurred before MS Mitchell lost her parental rights after Patricia Mitchell went back to New York City to request financial and emotional support.  Mitchell pleaded with her court appointed attorney for CPS not to go through with the surgery, as her child’s birthmark was not a life-threatening situation.  Nevertheless, CPS scheduled the surgeries on the toddler due to her birthmark, Hemangioma, which is not life-threatening.Patricia Mitchell quoted the State law to her appointment attorney, which states that “CPS was not allowed to operate on a child in State Custody unless there was a life-threatening situation.”  MS Mitchell then pleaded to CPS through her court appointed attorney that if they insisted on operating on her child that she be allowed to be with her child while she went through this unnecessary surgery. CPS would not allow MS Mitchell to be present at the time of these surgeries.  Jasish Bonsell’s birth Dr. Bump and Jasiah’s Pediatrician Dr. Cindi Smith said regarding any surgery’s on Jasiah’s birth marks as “unnecessary” and “if surgery was done, could leave the child permanently paralyzed due a stroke, or death.
  • FINANCIAL MOTIVES BEHIND “ELECTIVE SURGERY” ON PATRICIA MITCHELL’S CHILD. Carolyn Spencer persuaded her CPS colleagues to ask the CPS doctors to recommend surgery on the toddler, so the child could be registered as a “special needs” child.  The State gives significantly larger monthly checks to foster parents or guardians willing to foster a child with “Special Needs.” Spencer’s monthly check went from $700 a month to foster Patricia’s child to $1,400 a month, after she had the unnecessary surgeries and after registering Patricia’s healthy child as a “Special Needs” child.  To keep the “Special Needs” checks coming years after the surgery, the Spencers held back Patricia’s extremely smart child.  Although Jasiah Bonsell was a bright child, talking at 2 years of age and was read books to by her mother every day, the child stopped talking for two years after she was separated from her mother.
  • MITCHELL & BONSELL’S SEPARATE CASES were TRIED TOGETHER: The Grand Traverse County Courts merged the cases of the mother and the father together as one entity, but Patricia Mitchell and Bonsell were never married had never lived together as a couple with the child.  The cases were merged into One Petition and one trial to terminate both of their parental rights, yet the mother and father had never raised the child together as a couple, and always lived separately.
  • NO FOUNDATION OF TRUTH AND FALSE ACCUSATIONS:  Patricia Mitchell  did not know anyone in that town or State, (except for the estranged family members who were conflict with her since she was a child). Therefore, Patricia had no support system to verify her history.  MS Mitchell’s accuser had personal vendettas against her – she was successful unlike her accusers, living in another State, and had worked professionally in seven countries for more than 10 years, yet this estranged family with alternative motives were speaking to the authorities as if they knew the mother’s history (even though she had not lived under the same roof with her family for over 15 years) Carolyn Spencer & Virgline Mitchell fed CPS lies that had no basis in truth.
  • NO WITNESSES nor Character Witness ON MOTHER’S BEHALF/A ONE-SIDED TRIAL. Patricia Mitchell was not given one witness to testify on her behalf at the Termination Trial.  Patricia Mitchell pleaded in tears with her court appointed attorney to place several witnesses on the stand, including several officers, doctors and therapists; her court appointed attorney, Brett Baird, shouted at her in the court hallway, “subpoenas cost money and you do not have any money!” Therefore, no witnesses testified in behalf of mother Patricia Mitchell. The entire Trial was one sided.
  • VIRGILINE & JIM MITCHELL DEEMED “MENTALLY INCOMPETENT” BY THE TRAVERSE CITY COURTS. Lynn Buday countered in court that Patricia’s parents’ incompetence did not matter because “It did not matter if the grandparents were mentally incompetent because they are not on Trial and they are not trying to get custody of this child.”  At the same time, the courts had honored Virgline Mitchell’s false, slandering allegations and testimony against her daughter in the courtroom, regardless of Virgline being deemed “mentally incompetent.” (See Termination Trial transcripts.)

Mother Patricia Mitchell pleas and prays to Michigan State’s Governor to Pardon respectful citizen & mother Patricia Mitchell for having to pay the consequences of Michigan State’s “significant errors,” legal violations, including “Tampering with Evidence” “Obstruction of Justice” “Malicious Gross Misconduct” and “Conflicts of Interests” that were evident in her CPS case and in the Traverse City Courts that permanently separated mother, Patricia Mitchell, and her child, Jasiah Rose Bonsell.

A longtime child advocate, Patricia Mitchell is the founder of:  ‘Patricia’s Children INC. a 501c non-profit organization devoted to empowering children and parents who have become victims of Family/CPS courts unjustly separated from their parents and children.  See website.  http://patriciaschildren.com/

On December 9, 2015, Patricia was invited by Michigan State’s House of Representatives to speak to their Congressional ‘Family, Children & Seniors Committee’ and to the Michigan’s Governor’s Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect, after U. S. Senator Debbie Stabenow read Patricia’s personal account and the Academic Report/The Child Protective Service/Family Courts Comprehensive report.  Patricia and her team are research and analyzing and reveal their findings at conferences, workshops, and events across the country, working with universities, State Legislatures, and other groups to reform today’s Child Protective Services system/ and Family Courts.  A former Michigan State Champion in children’s storytelling, she has worked closely with children most of her life.  Patricia is a professional child/baby wrangler for film, TV, and print.  Patricia has been a professional photographer for more then 19 years, focused on children, babies and Photo Journalism.    See website: http://patriciamitchellphotography.com/ See BIO on her photography website. A United Nations Mini Ambassador for Children, serving AIDS-stricken children in the USA and Tanzania since 2000.
She is a classically trained actress and spent over a decade as a fashion model, working and living in seven countries.    Patricia is a practicing Catholic and a Zen Buddhist, a Practitioner at the Zen Mountain Monastery in NY for 14 years. And affiliated with Menla Mountain Retreat Buddhist Center for more than 15 years. She regularly provides inspirational self-help workshops. Patricia holds a B.A. in Communications, Minor in English; has attended Colorado College and King’s College in London.   She currently lives in New York State.


Below is the Cast of characters in Traverse City Officials involved in this case.

  • Lynne Buday Assistant Prosecutor.- Corrupt! Lost her job as Assistant Prosecutor, due to ‘Tampering with Evidence’ in this case through the Michigan State Grievance Committee. (moved to the next county and ran for Judge)
  • Carolyn Spencer – Extremely Corrupt with malicious intent! Family First case worker (an agency that is paid through CPS/DHS, and works along side CPS)
  • Nina C Merton- Guardian ad Litem- Corrupt
  • DR Wayne Simmons- extremely corrupt! knowingly spoke false statements under oath.
  • Kathy Prichard– Family First case worker, Corrupt! uneducated, smoked like a bandit in front of Patricia’s baby, drank beer all night and spent the night at Bonsells house.
  • Darlene Butterfieid -CPS case worker Corrupt
  • Jack Crandel- CPS case worker -Corrupt
  • Rosa Brenner- extremely Corrupt
  • Dr Riddle State Psychologist- NOT Corrupt. Recommended that child returned to mother Patricia. He shared with Patricia how CPS and State Officials do not like it when he disagrees with their assessment. Dr. Riddle wrote out several reports in favor of Mother Patricia receiving full custody.  Patricia has no ‘thought disorder’ or any form of ‘mental disability.’ Carolyn & Virg implied such false accusations to CPS/ and doctors as a character assassination, not as a medical disability.
  • Susan Haugh- Patricia’s therapist; NOT corrupt! Gave the courts several reports all in Patricia’s favor.  Recommended that child returned to mother Patricia. 
  • Dr. Maralee Pakieser— Patricia’s regular doctor. NOT Corrupt wrote several Referrals and reports ALL in favor of mother Patricia Mitchell. Recommended that child returned to mother Patricia. 
  • Dr. Cindy Smith Jasiah’s Pediatrician, NOT corrupt. Recommended that child returned to mother Patricia. 
  • Dean Robb–Renowned Civil Rights Attorney, NOT corrupt, Recommended that child returned to mother Patricia.  Made phone calls to TC Judges & to Prosecutor while Patricia was in his office.  Requested his son a license Private Investigator to take photos of the property where Jasiah was ordered by law to live, took photos of  inside and outside of  bus with Jasiah inside.
  • Al Crocker -Friend of the Court case worker -Corrupt
  • Judge Powers- Corrupt.  Judge Powers was misinformed and was easily persuaded by the State Officials, without giving any evidence.
  • Brent Baird – extremely Corrupt. Patricia’s court appointed attorney assigned after Patricia went to NYC to get help. Baird falsified Patricia’s signature several times in court documents and dated it, during a period when Patricia was in NYC.  Baird Lied! told courts Patricia was not in touch him; when in fact Patricia called so many times a day that his Law Partner had to get on the phone with her, to tell her not to call so much. Did not inform Patricia about the pending Parental Rights Trial, was having an affair with assistant to Lynne Buday, Melanie Stanton at the time my Parental Rights Trial was heard in Court, so it was Lynn Buday, Melanie Stanton vs Brent Baird (who were sleeping together) in my Trial that resulted in the loss of my Parental Rights. Due to his affair Melanie had her license suspended, Baird’s wife divorced him.
  • Referee Marian Kromkowski- NOT Corrupt.  Favored mother/Patricia to receive full custody. Kromkowski was bullied by TC officials to keep quiet about my 5 day reverse custody trial; where Buday represented me as the Fit parent to receive custody, and the fact that I won back my child. Kromkowski quit her job shortly after my case.
  •  David Clark -Not Corrupt! Recommended that child returned to mother Patricia. attorney that was assigned to Represent me in my Reverse Custody Trial. But Lynne Buday released him, filing to Represent me in my Reverse Custody Trial. -NOT Corrupt
  • Dr. Bump–Jasiah’s Birth Doctor, was easily persuaded by the majority.
  • Margertte Brooks- the 19 year baby sister, who baby sat Patricia’s child the night, a false petition was written up against Patricia.  Bonsell saw Patricia out, call the cps case worker reported that Patricia left the baby alone. That was that was needed, a petition was written up against Patricia, and her baby taken from her the next day.   Patricia provided CPS with Margertte’s name etc  proof she had a baby sitter. Instead of dismissing the CPS petition, CPS adjusted the petition to state that Patricia left her child without appropriate supervision and claimed Margettes was 12 year old. Margette went down to CPS and showed her ID she was 19 years old. After baby Jasiah was 3 weeks in foster care (being cared for by an obese woman in a wheel chair) the petition was dismissed, but later used as evidence against this innocent mother/Patricia to terminate her parental rights.