Question & Answers

Our Professional Respondents are paid through Patricia's Children Inc. They are sensitive to the corruption occurring in Family & CPS/DHS Courts, and are Advocates for the children and good parents. While some will remain anonymous do to their jobs and positions; with permission we will post the names of some of our respondents. Our Professional Respondents include... (please note this a new website we will do what we can to Answer your Questions, however, the list below won't be activated until Winter 2018, with the exception of few experienced professionals that will volunteer their time to answer your questions.)

Family Court Attorneys
Constitutional Attorneys
Current Activist & Authors
Battered Women Specialists
Domestic Violence Specialists
Professors from five Universities including: Cornell, Harvard, University of Boulder Law School Stamford, North Western University and Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver.
Counselors/Therapist for abused Foster Children
“Protective Mothers”/ 'Protective Fathers' who were victimized by the system, but have come out on the other end, helping others.