Goals & Cost/Budget

SEED MONEY/Start Up Funds 400,000
2019 Goal $550,000

Works in Progress…..
Starting January 2019

1). Website Designer to add 4 pages, and to re-due several pages $3000

2). Register our logo as a Trademark $500

3). Challenge UNLAWFUL common practices produced by CPS case workers challenging the State's practices in Federal Court Consist of hiring Constitutional Attorneys Cost Approximately $75,000

4). Hire a Marketing person' to promote Patricia's Children Inc. and our website $20,000

5). Hire a Consultant/Promoter: How do we bring in Funds to support our new 501c3; for this most significant Cause. Cost $12,000

6). Speech Coach with Yale Professor Deb Sofield preparing for 'Ted Talks' for President Patricia Mitchell, through Skype at $250 an hour. Total $750

7). Master Power Presentation: On National crisis in Family Courts and Child Protective Services; needlessly destroying hundreds of thousands of usa children's lives every year Cost $2500

8). Assistant for Patricia $17 an hour, complete tasks such as research/fact checking, etc. booking Patricia's appearance's to give 'Power Presentation' to classes at Universities/Colleges or town halls, libraries, schools, churches. Eight to twelve hours a week, Approx. $340 a week, for 23 weeks. Total $8000

9). Bring Power Presentation to State Legislatures; Colorado, Michigan State Senate, New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho, New York, Connecticut, Florida, Texas, Iowa and Ohio. Approx. $65,000

10). 'Ted Talks' Presentation on corruption and failures occurring in Family and CPS Courts across our nation, and hundreds of thousands of atrocities occurring every year needlessly to young children and their families. Cost: $1700

11). Hire Investigators and Researchers: To find whistleblowers from CPS; ex or retired CPS Supervisors, EX caseworkers, EX Guardian Ad-Lites, ex CPS and Family Court employees. Approx. $15,000 to $25,000.

12). Accept Michigan State Senate invitation: Power Presentation, Autumn 2019, Bringing awareness to the corruption (and other appearances at the Michigan Capital) Flight, transpiration, food, hotel for 5 days. Cost $1700

13). Legal Assistant/or Attorney’s position: Grants to be written out by hired Attorney or Paralegal, Requesting funding to support Patricia’s Children Inc. Mission & Goals. Our first Benefit is aimed for Autumn 2019.

Below are the Legal Assistant Duties
  • Find/confirm Artists to donate Art. Find/Confirm photographers to donate photography.
  • Find/confirm Musicians to donate something… Find/Confirm fashion models to donate time… example a lunch with them.
  • Find/confirm people willing to donate their vacation home for a weekend or week, for bidders at event to bid on, Look into animals services that could be donated too us and bought from our Guest at the Benefit.
  • Confirm photographers to donate a photo shoot of the buyers choice.
  • To manage expense for organizing & holding Benefit in the Hamptons, including the hired day people for the event.
  • And finally to write out three to six GRANTS requesting funds in support of Patricia’s Children Inc. Mission.

14). Autumn 2019 Benefit Cost (unknown at this time) Approximately $12,000 to $15,000 for expenses to hold Benefit in the Hamptons/and or Aspen

15). Create page on our website. Resources in your State Including terms and language that is unique to your State.
Hopefully all 50 States
Coming soon….
This page will consist of paying two assistants to research these answers… $800 per Assistant every two weeks for two months, plus website cost. Total $6600

16). Contacting 30 to 40 professionals to be on our Answers database, ready to send answers on our website from questions from our viewers, victims and seekers. Helping our communities in a time of distress. Answers from…
Family Court Attorneys
Constitutional Attorneys
Current Activist & Authors
Battered Women specialists
Domestic Violence specialist
Professors from 5 Universities: Cornell, Harvard, University of Boulder, Stamford, North Western Univ.
“Protective Mothers” who were victimized by the system but have come out on the other end, helping others
Counselors/Therapist for abused Foster Children,
Paying our PRO Respondents from $75 to $175 to answer victims across the USA, including Foster Children & Victims of Family Court.
$100,000 a side specifically for this Unit of professionals.

17). PRO Photo-shoot for Foster Children. To boost self-confidence and self worth! Foster care children Event Conjunction with other non for profits or State Organizations. Starting Denver area Counties. Professional FUN photo shoot to boost their confidence and to have their UNIQUE personality shine through the photograph… regardless of age or status in foster care. Photo shoot, photographs, assistants, location & prints. Paid for by Patricia’s Children INC. Approx. Cost $5000

18). Buy 100 books at $20 a piece of ‘The Worst Interest of the Child’ by Award Winning Investigative journalist Keith Harmon Snow.
Send to: Donors, State Congress men & women, US Senators, Judges, Talk Show Hosts, producers, Reporters & Professors. Cost $2000

19). Buy 50 books at $20 a piece of ‘Prosecuted but not Silenced’ by Maralee Mclean, A mother/victim on the current system, CNN covering her story for one hour, hospitals reports & therapists, lost full custody of her baby girl, once a week for one hour Maralee was allowed supervised visits with her little girl for over a decade, while her ex husband rapped her baby nightly starting at 3 years old. SEND to: Producers, Talk Hosts, Colorado Family & CPS Judges, Donors, Colorado’s Guardian of lit, State psychiatrists & therapists, Colorado Doctors Family Court Custody Attorneys, Professors regarding Civil & Constructional Rights. Cost $1000

20). HAPPY DAY Event for children in Foster Care, In Outside Park To be organized for Summer of 2021 in Denver and New York Held in Clean nice Park. Goal is to have a Happy Day Event in 25 States for Foster Care Children, eventually all 50 States. Event will have face painting, painting, chalk drawing on the cement, A lot Singing & dancing!!

  • Special Musicians for ages for 2 to 9
  • Special Musicians for children 10 to 16.
  • Special ‘fun’ dancing with instructors in both age groups,
  • Game playing.. list of games
  • Meeting each other exchanging phone numbers with other children so they have a new supportive friends
  • Astronomy area
  • Small CUTE Animals… area
  • Counselors & therapist available table with sign
  • (Possibly) representatives from top Religions NOT to convert ONLY to support.
  • And a handful of well known people, with brief appearances, like a basketball, football, baseball stars, well known, singers for appropriate age groups.
  • Well known actresses/ actors for appropriate age group
  • Maybe Barney or Elmo appearances.
  • Some Princess’s Appearances like Cinderella etc. etc.
  • $65,000 for Autumn 2018 Event

    Seed Money $400,000

    Patricia’s Children INC. approximately $450,000 to complete 2019 Missions/Goals

    2020 Mission/Goal $1,000,000