my husband and I went to daughters house to pick up our grandchildren, Judge Wildlife told them the need to make sure we are signed up for foster care. Went back to court in February of 2014 DHS, foster care, or CPS had not set us up to become a foster home.

In 2013 my husband and I went to daughters house to pick up our grandchildren. We had been informed she had been gone for 2days leaving the kids with strangers. We brought them home and started taking care of them. We called
DHS here in olkmuglee Oklahoma. They put the kinds under our care on a emergency protection. On December of 2013 we had a hearing. Judge Wildlife told them the need to make sure we are signed up for foster care. Went back to court in February of 2014 DHS, foster care, or CPS had not set us up to become a foster home. Judge reprimanded the workers for being derelict in their duty. When asked why they had not followed his orders they said that they did not believe we could pass their tests. We were then made foster parents and asked that our daughter become a secondary for anything that might happen. Foster care worker. Lora Andrew said she called and spoke to all persons that my daughter gave her for personal reference. She lied she only spoke to one person. There are others that Loria said she called, and they told us that they never talked to them. On over the last 3years Foster care, DHS and CPS has drag their feet. On August 1st of 2016 my husband had to take me to the hospital at 1:30 in the am. By 6 am I was in August. Was in ICU for 24 hours. We had to have our daughter stay with the kids. DHS was told about our problem. They did nothing until the 5th of August. They told my husband that they would take the kids put them in Ruspas. Said that way theand us would not get into any trouble, and when I came home from the hospital they would return kids. Even told the children same thing. I came home on the 8 called our case worker, who would not answer our calls. Was later that day Loria from foster care called and said children would not be returned to us do to my health, then said because we had to have our daughter watch the kids and I had not called them to let them know what was going on. They also said because granddaughters lice, which they knew about because I had told them every time I had to do her hair over and over again because the school called. I stated how it seamed that nothing was working, and had her to the doctor several times to help. We went to court on the 15th of August 2016. My husband and I asked for the hearing to have children back. My husband and I can not afford attorney fees and are defending our selves. While in court learned that there was 23 actuations against us but none was backed up by paper work or brought to the attention of the judge. We were granted visitation. We could see kids every other Saturday and call when we wanted. New foster mother who wants to adopt the children said that since we saw the kids for our first visit on on September 3rd the children have not been behaving has told her they don’t have to listen to her. Our granddaughter was to have said that they would be coming home because grandma said so. Would not allow us to talk to them on the phone. Was told by caseworker that all visitation was called of because foster mother did not want us calling or having anything to do with kids. Our visit was great the children kept asking to come home we did say that we hoped they could come home but for now they had to stay with the fostdr mother. That they needed to be good to everything she told them to do. Go to school. Granddaughter said she was scared foster mother looked concerned about statement. I asked granddaughter if bad dreams had started again. She said yes. I told her to let Jen. Know so she could help her with the nightmares. I sat in back of her car with her standing there leasing to me. The who time just tried to calm children down who were screaming for us not to leave them. Called Jen next day to see how things were going was told kids only cried for 5min and that they were all ok now and were doing fine no trouble. Our next hearing is on October 7th at 1:30. We will be defending our selves again. We fell like we are facing evil but we will not back down at all. We want our grandchildren back with us. We will have to restart therapy which we had before taken. Our therapist told caseworker that taken kids from us was the worse thing they could do. There is more but don’t have time to write book on CPS, foster care. But the lies the refusal to help with things backing out because they can’t afford to help in some things and total disobey the courts is over our heads. My name it Tamara and James Embrey. And we will fight tell our last breath for our grandchildren. 918-955-5225 or 918-267-9292
Sept 21 2016