Story: Hi my name is Rachel Dellerman. I have had my 3 children legally kidjacked, and trafficked through the family court corrupt system. Child “predator”(no services). That is what I call Child protective services. They took my son Tyler in 2004, without a court hearing. Through probate court, in which they illegally stripped me of my son based on Dv, in which I was the victim. His paternal grandparents kidnapped him in 2011. He is 13 years old. Havent seen my Bee since 2011. Miss him so much. Then in 2011, an anonymous hotline call from my ex’s hating sister, brought Cps to my residence. Social worker Jennifer paasch, came to and broke into my apartment. Solo. She had no police or search warrant. Coercion and fraud, hearsay was the tactics used. They again gave no notice of any court hearing. They constucted a bogus case, which the department of justice labeled unsubstantiated. Yet placed me on the child abuse index. My son was healthy, no drugs found. Illegal search. They dragged me through juvenile court. Matthew was actually being beaten up, by somebody in foster care. He came to a visit with a black eye. They terminated my parental rights. Hes missing too. Then baby daughter Nina. Ultra sadness. From Grossmont hospital nicu. Cps predators and fake adoption scammer, Allen Hultquiest, signed fake adoption papers. Immediately I called him to rescind my signature. I realized it was a scam. And even though it was in 1 hour since I left the hospital, he refused. The whole thing a foster adopt scam. They stole and trafficked my baby daughter. Im not pleased. Ive been destroyed by this, just hoping for closure, someday. Want to see my kids again. I pray and pray for justice. God is Good. Karma will deliver to those who did wrong. Keep that faith. Blessed.++

Rachel Dellerman