Baby Ava meconium tested results negative.

Baby Ava meconium tested results negative. My daughter Alexandria took drug screening Muscogee County DFCS 2/25/18 urine and hair results negative. My daughter Alexandria also took urine test at hospital before scheduled c section 5:47 a.m. on 2/26/18 also negative. Placenta results negative. My daughter did not see her newborn daughter for almost 2 days after birth, then only under supervision of myself, Melissa Hart, or my mother Sara Bailey. My daughter pumped breast milk and evening of discharge DFCS took newborn from mother. Placed him I’m foster with my soon to be 2yr old grandson Chase. Back on October 18, 2017 court Baby Chase, foster mom Natasha Kelly, advised she already had room ready for my unborn at the time granddaughter.

My mother Sara Bailey and my home have been through home evaluations and drug screening background process. So 2 local willing able relative placements and DFCS had made false accusations and false statements to not approve. Legal kidnappers….. God gives us the strength to continue our fight everyday for my daughter and our grandchildren. Countless numbers of babies, children, and families are being victimized and traumatized by corruption and abuse Department family and Children’s Services throughout the United States.