CPS has been harassing my family for a long time.

Story: CPS has been harassing my family for a long time. When they leave us alone, they find another reason to brother us again. It all started when I was young. My mother never abused any of us. One day my little sister had a seizure. My mom took her to the hospital. I remember after that, CPS started harassing her. Next thing you know, I come out of school (elementary at the time) and a strange lady picked me up and took me to a group home. I was 10 years old. I was there for 3 months before my dad got me. At age 17, I left my dad just to go back with my mom. I got to an age where I started having children. Time for CPS to harass me. On March 30, 2011, someone made a false allegation that my two daughters I had at the time were being neglected. They stated my children were filthy and in dirty clothes. A officer showed up to my apartment and told me this, but then left quickly when he observed everything was fine. Three days later a CPS worker showed up. She questioned my mental stability and checks my apartment. She left and never came back. Next time, on July 8th, 2012, I noticed my second oldest had a deformity in her wrist. I took her to the hospital to get it checked. They were not specialized in children bones, so they made a incorrect report that it was a fracture. A CPS worker showed up and met me at my mom’s house. I have multiple hereditary exostoses. It is a bone growth deformity. I explained to the CPS worker that I think her wrist is just growing that way. He did not listen to me. He was very rude. They scheduled an appointment for my daughter the next day at a children’s hospital and told me I couldn’t be left with my two for 24 hours without someone being present. The next day after the appointment, the doctor confirmed that it was not a fracture. I passed the multiple hereditary exostoses to her. The CPS worker did not even apologize and left me alone. Now fast forward to 2017. I have went to California with my now husband to find a house for us all to move in. My children wanted to live in a new environment. My family offered help to watch my children until it was time for me to return and move them to California. I have 4 children now. On August 6,2017 my youngest son was assaulted by my sister’s boyfriend at the time. I did not get a call until after he was in the hospital. Her boyfriend was arrested the same day and is still serving time. CPS stepped in once again and demanded me to fly back. I told them I could come back the following day. That wasn’t good enough. They purchased a plane ticket for me to fly back the day before I could but I did not make it to airport in time. The next day, which is the night I got back, they took my son from the hospital after a nurse already stated they can keep them til I get back. Even though my three girls were not even in the same city at the time of my son being attacked, they drove to my grandmother’s and took my three girls as well. The CPS investigator, Ashley Hopkins, who works for Tarrant County CPS in Texas, was very rude and didn’t even care about the decision she made. When I finally seen her face-to-face she did not even introduce herself to me. She was a very evil and bitter woman. She questioned my daughter and manipulated her into saying she was sexually assaulted but she was just around her aunt and no man. Ashley Hopkins lied on the investigation review and said I refused responsibility. They were in foster care for three months and then placed at my grandmother’s home. The same place they took my girls from. CPS been waiting to take them for something. No one should work for the government if they are going to make decisions out of anger. They still bash my mother about her case 30 years ago, and she was innocent. My husband and I were thinking about going so far as  reaching the president. CPS is corrupt. This is my story.

Name:    Amina Edwards-Nordahl
Email:   yahwehchildren777@gmail.com