desperate fight to get my three year old daughter back…

Name: Alyse Thrush
Tell Us Your Story: During the past year I tried to work a case inside Jefferson County CO in a desperate fight to get my three year old daughter back. Three weeks into my case my worker tried to convince me to just give up my rights to them because they already had a family wanting to adopt her and stating that it was abnormal for me to even want to raise a child conceived by rape. When I refused and instead chose to work the treatment plan a nightmare battle with them ensued. The egregious and purposeful mishandling of my entire case is appalling and I don’t understand why the family courts gave them one free pass after another to break the law and allowed them to engage in conduct so unethical hat it was clear from day one that the dept. was intentionally creating a case for termination and made zero efforts to even act like there was an achievable framework for reunification. I would go months at a time without being able to get in contact with the worker despite my daily emails to her. Months would go by when they withheld services from to the point where I paid for all of the mental health treatment in my case plan, paid for my own court ordered UA’s, even paid for my own substance abuse treatment when they failed to put referrals in for months at a time. They even withheld court ordered visitation hours from me in an excess of 60+ days. I was denied every program and service I requested including FIT court, the Nurturing Parent Program, videotaped visit sessions, they even refused to let me do a hair follicle test for them etc. During all these mishaps and manipulative use of time delays to rundown the time restrictions put on these cases; the one thing they never had an issue with was garnishing my earned income wages for child support that was paid directly to the division. They took up to and sometimes more then 90% of my earned income forcing me into extreme poverty. I was literally being left with $30 to $40 a month to live off of while paying out hundreds to them in child support. But they didn’t stop there they even garnished my SSDI income even though they were already receiving well over the percentage allowed to be taken from wages for child support. And for what they weren’t paying for any of my services. I was! with my savings which are now completely drained. I have the check stubs to and receipts to prove my claims. Then they filed for termination and I’m not sure what was going through the judges mind when she terminated my rights after she refused to allow me to present crucial evidence in my case denying me due process. Her ruling ensured that no accountability of the depts. unlawful regard to reasonable efforts happened and she completely disregarded CO state laws on grounds for termination. My case appointed attorney was ineffective and is off on some tangent about creating case law and appealing my case off of some law that hasn’t even been written yet and has left me in the dark since the TPR about my appeal. I’m in shock and in so much pain over losing my baby girl. She is all I think about every single second. I am hurting sooo bad and my baby has to wonder why mommy just went away. Our last visit she screamed and begged me not to make her go to Heather and Dave’s (the foster to adopt family) that she would be a good girl for me and begged me to take her to work with me. Then she kept saying why can’t I leave my toys here for next time Mommy? They made me break my little girls heart and destroyed mine. And to top it off I paid them close to $10,000 in child support payments for them to steal and traumatize my daughter and now they want to turn around and adopt her out for even more money like my family was some kind of personal piggybank for the county. This is wrong, this is criminal, this is so morally corrupt that I can’t even rationalize anything that’s happened to me and my daughter. I need my little girl back. I did everything on that treatment plan and more. I got clean one month into the case and I have a dirty lawyer who’s filing my only legal option to fix this injustice to a court that I suspect is corrupt as well. What am I supposed to do now? My daughter was everything to me and I never once abused her or neglected her and I’m supposed to just be okay with never being able to see her again? What kind of government uses children and victimizes their own citizens for flipping money?! The hurt and pain I’m feeling and the fear and confusion and hurt my little girl is feeling is worth far more then Jefferson County’s CO year end revenue profits. My name is Alyse Thrush and I am a victim of public financial corruption by a government agency. 
Time: May 27, 2015 at 3:26 pm