Detailing the struggles I faced trying to regain custody of my daughter who was wrongfully taken

 I have included My mentor Valencia Mohammed ( author of Mom Fights System for Child ) article published in the Afro American Newspaper in 2012 . Detailing the struggles I faced trying to regain custody of my daughter who was wrongfully taken . That case received an overwhelming response from the media & public resulting in my child being returned . I’ve also included my Advocate Lona Alias ( Producer & Host of Spirit Of Jazz WPFW 89.3 FM radio ) as well as a host of others including the editor at whiteoutpress who published an article about the harassment I faced by DC CFSA in January .
Let me state that I am an advocate . The summer of 2016 I started a movement advocating for homeless families left in filthy motels by DHS . My actions got every family moved into housing .  This led to me being featured on ABC 7News 3 separate times with Investigative reporter Scott Taylor . As well as several Radio and TV interviews . So my ties to the media and social advocacy groups runs deep . DC CPS & CFSA has been on a mission to ” get me ” every since I exposed you all in 2012 . I’ve dealt with year’s of retaliation and harassment .
 With this latest ” Allegation ” it was made by MPD after I filed a misconduct complaint against several officer’s . I have cooperated with your agency to the best of my abilities . I have reached out to you as well as other worker’s to discuss the status of this ” Investigation ” I have meant with several Worker’s without incident at my home and allowed two worker’s to see my children upon their request .
  I asked Ms. Skinner to keep me informed and updated and she promised to do so . However what this worker failed to mention was that before visiting me at my home yesterday she visited my daughter’s school despite being told by the school ahead of time of the mother’s wishes and concerns . Apparently my child was pulled out of class and ” interrogated ” by worker Skinner . School official’s reported that the worker refused to allow a School Official to sit in on the ” Interrogation ” my daughter reported that she told the worker that her mother told her not to speak to anyone unless she was present . To which the worker responded ” why do you think she said that ” obviously trying to lead or coach my child into making statements that can later be used to build a case against me . Since CFSA has no real evidence of abuse or neglect they must create it by again leading and coaching an 8 year old . No one from the agency informed me of this including Ms. Skinner who again promised to keep me informed .
 This raises red flags . No child should be pulled away from learning to be interrogated by a CPS worker . Especially in a case where there are no noted immediate safety or well being concerns . Please note The allegation made by officer’s referenced A confrontation between my Husband and myself.  There were no direct allegations or abuse or neglect in regards to the children .
I was also told by School Officials that Skinner told them I was aware she was coming . I have already posted a video about this on Facebook where I have over 6,000 followers . Tonight I will speak in depth about this during my radio interview on blog talk radio which will be posted on YouTube and sent to Lona Alias at WPFW Radio and Renee Nash at WHUR . There are several other things in progress as well . Know that I font take kindly to my child being used as a pawn in a game of retillation .
I am requesting a meeting next week with you and upper manage . Also the worker’s visit was recorded ( she knew this ) and has been posted on social media . I will protect my children at all cost !!! And CPS has no evidence , again I say evidence to support the allegation made by disgruntled police officer’s who instead of calling CPS while MPD was on the scene ( which is normally done ) waited until the next day , after I filed a complaint and spoke with staff of the Chief of Police . Any and all statement’s made by my 8 yr old is questionable as it is the worker word against her since no school officials or witnesses were present . I highly suspect my child was coached and led into perhaps making a statement . My child was affected by this as she cried to me that a lady kept asking her questions . Let me remind you and your staff to trend very carefully . I’ve already had you all in the media several times.
I look forward to hearing back from you regarding the meeting I’ve requested .