Here is an update on Brittney Farris’ case.

Here is an update on Brittney Farris’ case.  As stated in the first submission of the overall summary of the case,  2 injurious articles were published by the local newspaper THE RICHMOND REGISTER.  As if the  first article was not enough with incorrect and suggestive information, a second article was released by the same newspaper outlet, different writer.  The family of Brittney Farris advised the newspaper and it’s first writer, CRITLEY KING of what information was incorrect, but they failed to release a correction to their mistakes.  A second article written by KELLY McKINNEY release even more heinous information that had not been release in a court of law yet and that was unknown to either Brittney Farris, or the co-defendant.
Ironically, the information in the 2nd defamatory article was unknown to either of the accused, and was “LEAKED” just days BEFORE a bail hearing and AFTER the following:
1.      A Correctional Officer was terminated for discussing the case with an inmate
2.      A complaint was lodged against a Sheriff’s Department employee for using an accusatory insult regarding the accused
3.      A request to The Richmond Register was made advising the writers of incorrect information and advising that the article was defamatory
The “LEAKED” information in the 2nd article was unknown to either of the accused and had not yet been introduced in a court of law.
(**Any of this information above has been made public knowledge)

The family has been advised that not only does CPS have a long-time infamous history for their corruptive inner workings, and unrelenting tactics, but that the state of KY has been investigated and called one of the most corrupt states when it comes to “legally kidnapping” children from their homes.
The family has also been advised that the RICHMOND REGISTER is known for printing damaging information with no care or accountability for accusations against it’s subjects.
At this point, the definite whereabouts of the children are unknown , but we do know that they are being scattered and medicated against the mother’s will.  We believe that separating them, putting them away, possibly in a group home and or possibly taking them out of the country is nothing short of coercing them, creating lies and hiding them so that the lies that CPS is telling will not be revealed.
AS in the classic cases of the San Antonio 4, The Fells Acres Daycare, Wee Care Daycare and the McMartin cases, this is a classic witch-hunt in which children are being abused by people in the “child-saving” industry by being forced to say things that are untrue and being manipulated to be a part of a demonic overtaking of children (especially from low income families, families of color,  and from families viewed as non-traditional like same sex families) to put them into money grubbing foster care homes and sell them to adoptive parents and agencies.  The family of Brittney Farris will continue to ask common sense questions and put forth information to set her free!  Brittney Farris