I am a mother, registered nurse, EMT, and law abiding citizen facing an uphill battle in Harris County family courts

Good afternoon,

My name is Alexandra Lind Wogan.  I am a mother, registered nurse, EMT, and law abiding citizen facing an uphill battle in Harris County family courts involving two custody battles (two separate fathers and two minor children, girls ages 7 and 2 years old).
I left an abusive situation on 2/22/2018 for domestic violence shelters after being pushed down with my baby in arms for the last time.  Due to severe financial abuse, I was unable to retain an attorney, but my abusers were able to hire a bulldog attorney (they share the same attorney).  They continued their controlling behavior through the courts in what is known as litigation abuse.  In April 2018, I was served TROs and CPS removed my children due to 100% false allegations to my mental fitness as a mother.
Since May 2018, I have been forced to represent us, pro se, in both matters, and the judgments rendered have severely affected my daughters wellbeing.
The abusers were granted custody, we can only see each other twice a month during supervised visitations (which have no end date and my daughters “hate”), I am forced to pay an astronomical amount of child support, I lost all possessions in my home (we literally left for DV shelters with the clothes on our backs), and I couldn’t even change my last name.
I am very concerned about my children.  The fathers have a history of domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental illness.  My seven year old verbalizes concerning events that occur but there is nothing I can do about it because my hands are tied by bureaucracy within the DRO and the current arbitrary legal orders.
I just had another baby (not with an abusive partner), and cannot return to work (I was the charge nurse on the adolescent unit at a psychiatric hospital). Since child support is so high, it’s impossible to afford daycare for my 3 month old.
I filed a motion to modify child support in both court 310 and 507.  In 310, they would not set a court date and the clerk told me she would only accept a TRO or a PO from me.  In court 507, the judge told me if he could order me to have an attorney, he would.  I do not know how to navigate this situation and advocate for my innocent children without proper legal representation, so I am reaching out to you with hopes you can help us.  The fathers do not communicate with me according to joint managing rights, and the only time I hear about my children is when I see them at supervised visits.
They have been gravely affected by my absence due to 100% false allegations made about me , and something needs to be done to help them.
I firmly believe that there is an attorney who can help.  Please, if you could reach out to anyone you know who could possibly help, it would mean the world to my daughters, and I could go back to work saving lives.
Alexandra Lind Wogan RN, BSN, BCEN, AEMT
P.S. Here is a link to a company I used to work for prior to leaving the abuse (My friends call me “Lexi” and my maiden name is Lind.
This is also me on the HBU website.
I’ve also attached my resume.
Thank you again for your time and have a blessed day.