I have been fighting for my daughter for two years. I lost her along with my son when I requested help with my son who was diagnosed with Bi-Polar.

I have been fighting for my daughter for two years. I lost her along with my son when I requested help with my son who was diagnosed with Bi-Polar. I myself was a ward of the state and kicked out at 17, When I was 19 the state had my first son adopted,the attorney for my first son and the attorney who was mine were the same ones in this case. The original worker was working for the return to me, no reason given she left the county and then we got the new one. First thing she stated was my son was unadoptable and my daughter was very adoptable. The first home my children were in, my son reported they physically abused him and they both were sexually abused, physical abuse was investigated and she lost her license but the sexual abuse was never investigated, my daughter begun to masturbate in the foster homes at 3 and showed signs of sexual abuse. The second foster mom was great, but she requested my kids needed to be separated for my daughter was unsafe and that my son should never be allowed to be with any children smaller and younger then him. They were separated but the reasoning was never put in the report. The social worker continued to argue I forced his diagnosis which his doctor did not want her good name tarnished left the county, but worker also started blaming my daughters masturbating and behavior on me. I continued to ask for my daughter to see a child psychologist not only due to her behavior, but when she was with me she had a doll that she cared for being a good mother per say, but I sent her with it and she never touched it again, I knew something was wrong and needed addressing yet I was ignored every time. She never put my progress reports, certificates of completions, therapist letters, character references in the reports, always making accusations, for a year in a half I was drug tested randomly and always was negative, I have never used drugs, for one because of my childhood, I didn’t want to, my kids and my career path of criminal justice I go to school for, but at the end my body just could not handle the stress bullying and everything and started to have panic based seizures, and my meds causing dry mouth yet she drug tested me with the swab I asked for a different way to test she said no, then stated inconclusive tests were positive. My attorney never fought for me and never put in my evidence against her and the allegations. I myself spent months on a JV 180, it had everything the social worker never put in the reports but it also had evidence showing she was lying, Then it also had a letter I found online from my first sons foster mother in whom intended to adopt him to keep me in his life and in return lost him but the letter stated how cps lied and stated that no matter what I did I would never get him back, and I forgot to mention the foster mom that stated my kids be separated kept Karly, well she was great my daughter was thriving the worker felt we were to close and removed Karly, basically what happened to my first son happened to my daughter, both kids’ attorney and my attorney left my case after before the filing of my jv 180 claiming conflict of interest, I believe it was the foster moms letter about how I was treated, new attorney took the majority of my report out before she filed it. All my evidence on false accusations, mistreatments, and against the workers reports gone. Well my rights were terminated, I was told have no bases of appeal and I cant add evidence but I can not give up the fight for my daughter.  I have requested to the social worker and to my attorneys numerous times for things to be done in order for my daughter and her well being and always ignored. In my JV 180  there is a picture diary that shows her emotional decline, plus when she was with me she had a baby that was her everything that she cared for as if it was real and took it everywhere, I sent it with her and she never touched it again.  Please.  Christy Donnelly
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