I met my disabled (now wife) girlfriend online.

Nicholas Earp
Email: nicholas_l_earp@yahoo.com

Tell Us Your Story: I met my disabled (now wife) girlfriend online. We started talking about four months before she became homeless, due to CPS demanding she not reside at the residence where her child was placed. I am not sure what happened in her case yet, she tells me that she was mixing the bottles wrong. I have heard that there was drugs involved, I really do not know, since this was before we met.

I was also going through a custody battle for my son, who as fate would have it, shares the same exact birthdate as her son! Well, except the year. Her middle name is also the same as my first name, only it’s Nichole, which is what my mother wanted to name me when I was born. This was before they could determine sex. As fate would have it, I turned out to be a boy and thus named Nicholas.

I allowed her to move in and went to pick her up. I insisted on dating, she wanted to share living space, we settled on marriage eventually. It seemed like God had brought us together, with so many coincidences. I was sure that we were going to win a battle for her son, as she stood with me in the battle for mine. I lost joint-custody with my son after 12 years, that was ok though, because my son knows and loves me. I do however have privileges to speak with him, so not all is lost. We are still battling for her son (my step-son) one year later.

We were not given the results of our home-study for over four months, we were only told we failed it due to the judge. He failed us because of a class-b misdemeanor on my record from 1996, it’s now 2016. The child has been placed in foster-care.

The Alleged biological has not been dna tested, because they can not find him. At our last hearing (two months ago in April) I pointed out he does have a facebook page. He has representation, and they have always called us to the stand last, even though we drive over 700 miles round trip for the hearings. We have attended a hearing every month, since July 2015. Except a couple of months throughout the year, for a total of eight hearings?

Our court-appointed attorney, Peter Lopez of Sweetwater, Tx. just happened to forget to file a motion to have the child placed with us at the last hearing. We are now to a trial before our peers, however my brother now has CPS taking his son. They are trying to use his case against me now, as if he will be fathering my step-son.

Knocked down, drug out, at the Taxpayer’s expense.

Time: June 2, 2016 at 9:21 pm