I took my children to visit their ill grandma in Indiana, school thought I was dodging possible court involvement

Story: hello my name is angela miller. i am 35 years old and live in northern michigan. the weekend of mothers day 2017 i took my  three kids to indiana to see their grandmother that was not doing to well,she is a bad diabetic and in stage 4 kidney failure.When we were on our way back to michigan i had recieved a phone call from CPS.aparently the school had called and said that i left the state to avoid court involvement which the school knew why my son would not be there for 2 days only. We had been having problems with the school because my oldest son was being bullied over having epilepsy and the school not doing anything about it. Well because they were now involved they had a woman come into our home 3 days a week to do parenting stuff and to make sure they didnt see any signs of sexual  or physical abuse which she did not.She never had a complaint about how we done things.Well my husband who had had a bad car accident years before was put on a new medication and it made him aggressive.On october 4 2017 my oldest son and my husband had gotten in to a arguement.no one was hurt physically and the only thing that happened was a shirt got ripped.My husband went to jail for the night and the next day was let out. CPS put a no contact order ion my husband against my son so my husband could not come home. He went and stayed with some relatives.On october 6th a new detective came over and was asking all kinds of questions like was this a normal thing.No this was not normal and not only did myself but my children tell the detective that my husband was never this way until he started that new medication.Well the detective took my 13 year old son who has epilepsy out side to talk to him with out my permision.i to this day still do not know what was truely said by the detective. All I know is that when my son came in and the detective had left my son had went into a 30 minuet seizure which doesnt normally happen. i amediately called his doctor who is down in grand rapids and told him what had happened. Well we had a appointment to see his doctor on October 11 and his doctor was going to write a letter saying that if anyone wanted to talk to my son they needed to take into consideration letting me be there so he didnt go into another seizure.The detective wanted all three of my kids to see a child advocacy person and i asked if they had to or if it was voluntary. He said it was voluntary and i asked him to give me a few days to think about it because i wasnt sure what all it ment and i wanted to look into it. Needless to say the detective set the appointment up anyways. When the woman called to confirm the appointment on monday october 9 i had told her what had happened about the seizure and what the doctor was going to give me  on the 11 she said that when she got back to the office she would call me and set up a new date so she could see the letter. With in 10 minuets of me hanging up the phone  with her that detective was knocking on my door. i answered it and started to step outside to talk to him and he pushed his way into my house. He  started talking nastily to my oldest son who  remind you is only 13.then  he searched my house looking to see if my huband was there and kept asking the kids  if he had been there. He then turned on me and wanted to know why i refused to take the kids. I said that I didnt refuse to take the kids and i explained about the conversation.With in 3 hours of the detective leaving there was another knock on the door and it was that same detective plus a bunch of other cops there and some cps workers. They had a petition to remove my children from my care.There was no real reason to. My husband was doing everything he was supose to be doing and he was staying away from the house. My kids dont go anywhere with out me. They dont stay very many places and they never have a babysitter. They are with me all the time except when my oldest is at school.My other two were ages 4 and 2.We had our first court date the next day on october 10. Well on all these allegations and stuff cps could never  prove anything. and the judge just kept giving them more time. Cps knew about my mother in law living 20 minuets away but they never notified her to see if she could take the kids.When they couldnt prove one accusation then they would come up with yet another accusation and from the start they would try to get me to say my husband had sexually abused my oldest son. i would not say it beccause it was not true. They done a forensic interview with my 13 year old and he even said that nothing happened and the criminal charges against my husband were dismissed.This pissed them off so not even a month after them being dismissed in the county we live in they moved it to another county so we are going through that again.We were able to see the kids twice a week. And they have kept the kids together and they are with a nice couple as far as i can tell.We were doing everything in our case plans that they wanted us to do but when we went to court they said we were not doing anything.My kids were pretty healthy and everything seen doctors on a regular basis but every visit from the time they took the kids our kids have been sick. They had gotten hand foot and mouth disease while in care of these people.my now 3 year old daughter has scars on her entire body over having hand foot and mouth disease.They would cancle our visits over little things and wait until we were ready to go see them to tell us. But if we needed to change day or time we couldnt with out it showing bad of us. well they had stopped letting me see my oldest son because he was telling me things that would go on like not being taken to his epilepsy appointments and things and not letting my oldest son console his two younger sibblins when they were missing us or what ever. They would say it was beause school ending and different things. Well then they moved  our kids from the one place to another because the foster father was taking a job with the original place and when we got moved to the new one they called my oldest son and asked if he wanted to  have visits with me and he said yes. I was only able to have two visits with him before they wrote a letter to the judge saying that my son was terrified of seeing me.I don’t believe that.my son and i use to have a great relationship and he could always talk to me about everything. Well towards the end of july 2018 cps with the help of my lawyer convinced me that if i left my husband and went to a shelter that my kids would be back with me in a few days even told the shelter that because this shelter was specifically for women who had their children with them.  They even went so far as to give me a car so I could leave. Well things were not going to good between me and my husband because we had stopped all comunications with each other so I left with no money no nothing. Well with in a couple of days after my kids never showed up the shelter called and asked when they would be joining me and they said they wouldnt so i was kicked out of the shelter. I had no friends or family i could stay with so i lived in my car in traverse city. I was able to  get a job and was doing great.then they stopped my visits with my oldest son.My husband and I started talking again and taking things one day at a time. well because they didnt want us together and we were working on our relationship they done some things and caused me some leagal issues and now i am on probation.And they used that even though my leagal papers even say they had something to do with it to say that i shouldnt see my kids.So they stopped all visitation between myself my husband and our kids, said that we were not doing any thing in the service plans which wehad been doing even our lawyers said that nothing was being done. Now they are talking about terminating our rights.My lawyer is now the new prosecutor and the old prosecutor is now the new judge.I have not been able to see my two youngest since november 3 2018 and i have not seen my oldest since july 2018. I do not know what to do. I am afraid that i will lose my babies for good. I have a lawyer who wont return my phone calls and doesnt even try to get it to where i can see my kids.So far they have not actually started the process of terminating our rights they have just threatened it in court.i do not know what to do. This has been going on since october 9 of 2017 when they were taken from my custody. we have missed all their birthdays were not alloud to see them for christmas halloween thanksgiving or anything.   Millera1317@gmail.com