lucy aka vm
Tell Us Your Story: I was a product and victim of CPS. The psychological damages I’ve suffered has been a curse. I have not been able to function as a productive member of society and even to function as a person is hard. What CPS has done to me and my family was worse than murder. My family and I have been living with extensive years of pain, chaos in our lives, confusion and fear.
My eldest child passed away leaving her only child. Because, CPS long ago main focus in my case were to turn me into a product for merchandise; I now am not able to have access to readily be involved in the care of my own blood and under age grandchild. I live in the state of Massachusetts.

Anyone interested in my case, please, feel free to contact me via this email@your earliest cconvenience. Life matters. I am gravely concerned for the welfare and future of my grandchild. I don’t want this case to be another statistic. Our communities needs safety and demanding that our voices are heard and respected and that our lives are taken seriously, is what will bring change.

Thank you