I was in a bad abusive relations with both my x husband,

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I was in a bad abusive relations with both my x husband, (whom I felt was questionable, but at the time I trusted)- that I “shared” 4 children, 2 of whom are only biologically his, and my x boyfriend that I share a 3 year old precious baby girl with.

Despite the on again off again relationship with my x boyfriend, I decided to allow him back into my life for about 6 weeks in 2015, after he had exited the home, march 2015 to attain a high powered lawyer for his “private time”, with our baby girl) revealing so much theft, and emotional abuse to myself… and what I would find out much worse…

I set up very clear healthy boundaries allowing him back in the home, and despite the past abuse, did not want a further broken family. While in the home in October 15- and Nov 15, I witnessed relations I felt uncomfortable with re: him with my just turned 10 year old daughter. When it came time to enforce the honest healthy boundaries , he relapsed into a violent insane rage, where as I expressed that things were clearly not going to work and asked for him to take me to his mothers, to retrieve many of my personal belongings. He beat me in my garage and called the police on me stating I had stolen his $$. (Please note that while with this man 2012- 2015, he came homeless, and I was sole support for him, and provided endless luxuries, opportunities, education, and unknown to me, him helping himself to my finances and making purchases.

When my X husband returned my other children home, my first step was to remove him as a contact from my children’s phones and IPADS. The first one I grabbed was my just turned 10 year old daughters, and I uncovered an sexually explicit photo, my daughter had sent to both my X husband and the xBoyfriend.

It was a mothers worst nightmare. It was right before Thanksgiving, and my daughter would end up disclosing deviant sexual molestation.

Thinking that (despite there being questions in my mind) my X husband would be supportive and aid in reporting this to the police, as it is our daughter, we made the report. He seemed very unconcerned. I was instructed by law enforcement, to do different steps, as there were court orders in place for the 3 year old, and being Thanksgiving weekend, I would have to wait to execute proceedings to ensure protection.

Ma x Husband didn’t seem concerned, nor did he support or offer to aid in filing the different things I was instructed to do so. It was my oldest sons birthday, and as I was distraught I spent the entire day alone going through all the proceedings necessary.

The x boyfriend, tried to pick up our daughter, and upon me emotionally confronting him, with 2 witnesses present, other than he and I … he admitted having a problem. There was never denial of the allegation.

As Christmas approached, with an open investigation, I had (and still have major computer and phone issues… and confirmed hacking. This is detailed and in the least, during the relationship with the pedafile, he educated himself at my expense and became an “apple” expert, and was able to secure the only apple certified company in my town other than “apple” itself.

With constant phone and computer problems, and endless trips to Verizon, I unveiled that my ex husband was paying for the x boyfriends phone service, as I felt I “knew” my x husband, this troubled me greatly, as did his non concern. During this time, My 7 year old disclosed gross deviant sexual molestation as well. I phoned the detective in charge, and despite the ONE interview with my 10 year old at the time, and NO background check at all, it was like pulling teeth for them to even speak to my other daughter whom despite her cryptic recollections of sexual events that took place, I found the evidence she described, and the police would not collect it.

They concluded their investigation that they said was “thorough”, and disclosed to me the prosecutor did not have enough to file criminal charges. “He ONLY was naked with my 10 year old in the bath tub”, I was told. Less than 10 days went by, and DCS showed up at my home, to speak with me. I did not know anything other than that they were to my understanding investigating and protecting children.

I received a phone call to attend a “family” meeting. Taking place Jan 13 2016. I had the flu, and a massive flu epidemic surrounded my area, closing my daughters preschool, etc- during Jan, and February.

My X husband continuously lied to me, and as I showed up to this “family” meeting, false allegations were slammed upon myself. I was asked in person to go and drug test, and I disclosed that I had to pick up my daughter, and as I had nothing to hide, I would do so, as well as signed a HIPA release. DCS investigator gave me no instructions saying that I could not have my child with me in order to drug test, without child care. Additionally during this meeting it concluded with limited paperwork, and only information of a caseworker, I am to keep in contact with who would never communicate. It was concluded that DCS would be filing a “dependency”. I did not understand what this meant. There was little separation between law enforcement, and understanding the DCS was a separate entity. I entered the meeting stating I had more questions than answers at that point and that I felt more comfortable only proceeding with proper representation. They ignored this. I went to drug test, as told, with my daughter, they knew I was picking up and with the flu, waited an hour to be turned away.

Further actions occurred, as I was appointed a court appointed lawyer. I tried to communicate with the said case worker, and never were calls returned. I was asked to drug test randomly, and ended up with my daughter needing to go to the hospital as she couldn’t keep down fluids. Feb 17. Feb 18th a hearing took place, and the DCS case investigator purgers and states that I have substances in my urinalysis not supposed to be there, yet I had papers in hand, from my psychiatrist of 7 years whom had reviewed the findings, and deemed them completely normal. None of this information was supplied by my counsel, not to mention, DCS had full disclosure of that information, and failed to review that the substances were in fact bi products of my medications.

Feb 18th at 10pm at night, two deputies come to my home telling me I have to let in a DCS investigator to do a “safety check”. He states I don’t have a choice other than to let him in, as the children are wards of the state. I show him my very clean home, and sleeping baby who had just turned 3 years old, and he informs me he will be taking my baby away. I was told I was not allowed to know where.

I went to further court hearings where testimony was allowed and further instances of perjury by DCS occurs. I am granted 3- 2 hour visits of my 5 children.

I offered the indicated positive semen results from my children’s clothing, and mounds of evidence … all denied. I was pressured into admitting the “dependency”, under the terms that all of the drug testing would end, etc. and I would receive my children home and more visitation … none of this occurs.

I take their Psychological assessment, required per the case plan, as well as drug and alcohol assessment, and many classes. Nothing is taken into consideration. I now found a great lawyer and need funds.

My children are neglected everyday, as am I. A visitation monitor, endangered my children by wreck less driving… and it just continues.

In short, at this time, they are aiming apparently to place my baby away from her mommy, with questionable people, as a result of me protecting my children, and making healthy choices.

If anyone out there knows of funding available to attain the proper counsel can you please tell me. In return, I can promise to expose this for what it is… not only for my own children, but for the many I know there are.

A pedafile remains engaging within the community and is granted time with a 3 year old that furthers trauma to the other children he assaulted. My thoughts are with you all. IF anyone knows someone who can help please let me know. Thank you
Time: June 15, 2016 at 10:27 pm