In August of 2012 my daughter who was suffering from severe post partum

Deborah Kepler


Tell Us Your Story: In August of 2012 my daughter who was suffering from severe post partum depression and was badly abused had a nervous breakdown her house was dirty and she had roaches so they threw her in jail and took her children from her they never offered to help her. she gave birth to twins in 2013 and they told her if she took medicine and went to counceling and had everything for them that she could keep them. they took them from the hospital. the hospital held them illegally for two days until DCS could obtain a court order.they gave back 3 of her children for 3 months she did everything they asked of her. And we had a tornado messed up our apartment and we had roaches but hired an exterminator. house arrest violated her sent her to prison adopted out all her children except the oldest she has rights to him.they gave him to an abusive father who lost him for abuse and sent him to a rescare home in cuyuga indiana where hes being abused again. they steped on her 14th admendment rights the right to parent her children.they took her to prison and adopted her children with no proof no pictures just hearsay. the prosecutor hated my daughter and in 2012 she told my daughter im going to see to it that you go to prison no matter what I have to do.It was all a set up.please contact me and Ill tell you more about the situation thank you

Time: March 26, 2017 at 10:14 pm