I’ve never reached out like this before, but I was hoping you could help me, since your story sounds very similar to mine.

I’ve never reached out like this before, but I was hoping you could help me, since your story sounds very similar to mine. I don’t know where to start, and forgive me if I jump around but it’s a very long story and it’s very hard to tell. I’ll try to summarize, here it goes. My mom grew up in this awful little town, so after my father left her and after battling a year long coma and some mild brain damage, I decided to move her here so she would be close to family (her brother was the sheriff and then county commissioner, his wife was the court reporter, I had an uncle who was a bailiff and a cousin who works in probation) after 6 months she had alienated most of the family and was starting to lose it. At that time I lived in NM, and found out I was pregnant, so I decided to move to California to help my mom and raise my baby. I had never been in trouble a day of my life, and one night my mom mixed alcohol with her medication, and when I took it away from her, she called the cops and said I hit her. I thought it was ridiculous and sat and waited for the police. I was sober, no record, and no evidence, and I was arrested. My son was 18 mos old, and I never left him alone with mom, so I got scared, and I called cps and made the biggest mistake of my life. They took Ryder from my mom and my hell begins. To make a long story short (and I know how crazy this sounds) they tried to sell my son. They forced me to plead guilty with threats, and refused to give him back no matter what hoops I jumped thru. They found out he is autistic and he became not for sale, but they couldn’t just give him back or I would have sued them for falsely taking and keeping my child from me. So they spent 3 years torturing me with nitpicking every possible thing and never letting me progress. I thought maybe if I gave them the criminal they wanted then I could say sorry, they would feel safe since I’d be a proven criminal and they looked right in taking him….so I started violating probation, I even went to rehab when I wasn’t on drugs. I tried everything. My mom passed away when I was in jail on a stupid violation and I found out that the last call she made was to my grandma crying, telling her she had just called cps and they told her to stop calling, they were going to adopt out ryder and make sure she never sees him again….then my mom committed suicide. When they finally let me out I was so distraught that I tried to overdose on drugs…but it didn’t work and instead I went to jail again, this time they sent me to prison. They gave me 3 years with half for probation violations. I lost everything, and had nobody, and had to parole back to this horrible town. I went straight back to fighting for ryder. But the foster parents filed for adoption as soon as I filed for visitation, and it was granted. My son is 8 years old now, last time I saw him he was 3. Cps destroyed my life, with the help of a corrupt small town court. Nobody wants to touch a case like mine and I don’t have the money or means to go find a lawyer that would want to help. But something has to happen. I want to sue the county and cps for 5 years of false reports and illegal practices. I want to show people what’s really happening here, and I want my son to see that his mom never gave up, and when he turns 18 and wants to know what happened…I want him to see that he was kidnapped, not abandoned. I’d appriciate any advice you can give, and like I said, this is the short version…so please feel free to contact me via email or my cell phone 209-409-3414 and thank you for listening.
Jennifer Limbaugh