My daughter 16, her friend, and my two adult step daughters have accused my husband

My daughter 16, her friend, and my two adult step daughters have accused my husband of sexual abuse.  This happened at the end of December 2017. I was questioned by CPS. I told them that I did not believe the allegations. My mother in law as well as my 14 year old said also told the worker that the allegations were not true. My son said that his sister said to him that their dad did not do anything to her and don’t believe the stories that the girls are saying. My daughter is currently living with my brother and my son with my mother. The CPS worker called me at while I was teaching my class to tell me my son was going to be living elsewhere. We have been in court over the summer because this is a civil trial as well as my husband having a criminal trial. After having testified the judge had asked the lawyers for proposals. He had wanted them on a Wednesday by 5 so he could resume court the following day with his decision. My lawyer had illness so they were then needed by Monday. It took the judge 2 months to make his decision in which he had adjudicated us. We go to court on December 13 to hear his ruling. At every mdt meeting I have expressed to the team that my daughter is lying and that there is something wrong with her. They keep saying that she was sexually abuse. After watching her video testimony, I was able to find discrepancies in the video where she says one thing and then says another. She said that my mom, mother in law and school counselor knew all about it when it happen in 8th grade. Totally not true. My daughter and mother are extremely close. Her counselor testified that she can’t swim but she can. I have a pool and can provide the names of people whose pools she has swam in. She said that we never went to any of her activities always her brother’s because he was the golden child. There are a lot more things that she has lied about but I want to say other things. He oldest half sister told her the only reason she was born was to replace the son we lost with another son and we didn’t want a girl. My daughter cut all of her hair off and started wearing her brother’s clothes and told kids to call her by her real name is she wore make up and thyme gave a boy name when she didn’t. I told the judge about that as well as the following: the older half sisters would have them babysit their children by himself, both had moved in with us when the needed a place to live. I also told the judge the girls give her alcohol. He did nothing. There were two counselors mentioned during the hearing. One was who she allegedly told and the other counselor was the one my daughter said she went to because her dad had called her from a mental facility. The judge wanted to talk to the counselor who my daughter allegedly told and wanted to know why it wasn’t reported. So the next hearing came and the prosecuting attorney got the wrong counselor!!!!! Neithe the judge nor anyone else but my lawyer  got that. At my last MDT meeting my daughter has been place in a mental health facility because she was cutting herself. The cuts were from around two weeks ago. At that time my daughter had called my mother and told her she was the reason this family was falling apart. Long story short my mom showed up at my brother’s house. Things that were said was that I could lose everything, my husband could go to jail, and Madi was told that my mom and sister know that she threw my mom under the bus in the video! My daughter absolutely does not want my mom to see the video she made. My daughter then went into my brother’s bedroom , out her arms around her legs and said that she had to think she had to think she doesn’t know what to do. At the last MDT meeting this past Thursday, my brother and her counselor said that my daughter had been manipulating them. They would not say what she was doing. My brother has caught her in several lies yet will not share. Once again the MDT says she has been abused and has been through so much! I am sick and tired of them telling me what they think! They don’t know all the lies and what I can disprove. I have not seen my daughter since March. They will not let me see her because they say she doesn’t want to see me, but she tell other family memebers a totally different story! I stand up the  MDT people and they cringe when we have these meetings. I have called the state 3 times on how my mother and I have been treated. I need help fighting this! The judge and the way things were presented was done in a horrible manner. Nobody is listening to me! My step daughters have lied and are crazy just like their biological mother. She chose a man over her kids! I raised them and I have always had problems. The police report was ridiculous and once again I picked it apart. Another thing was that my husband had to move out so that I could work on getting my son back. My lawyer said they want to terminate my rights with him or do a disposition 5.  My lawyer had also told me that the other lawyers wanted her to talk me in to believing my daughter! Corruption

Rebecca Reynolds