My daughter, Alyssa (3 years old) and I was asleep, Alyssa on a reclining chair and myself on a sofa in the living room. Ms. Cheatham a cps case worker knocked on the front door.

Story: Hello, My name is Valorie Kidd and my daughter is Alyssa Lane and we are from Ardmore, Oklahoma.This is our story. It is one of those stories that you say “That just doesn’t happen in real life”. On the evening of May 31st 2017 11:30pm, a social worker by the name of Heather Cheatham came to my apartment to investigate a call or so that’s what I was told. My daughter, Alyssa (3 years old) and I was asleep, Alyssa on a reclining chair and myself on a sofa in the living room. Ms. Cheatham knocked on the front door and said she did not hear anything in the apartment and since I didn’t answer the door she then went around a knocked on the window and a few minutes later Alyssa pulled the curtain back and said hi. They took a picture of me asleep on the sofa and at the end of the sofa there was a beer box. They assumed I was drunk of course ( I might assume the same in the that position) and knocked on the window a few more times until I woke up. After Ms. Cheatham and a Police Officer from the Ardmore Police Dept entered my apartment Ms. Cheatham did not introduce herself as a Cps worker she simply said I am going to have to take your daughter, Alyssa, into Dhs custody and of course I was like no your not and she said she couldn’t leave Alyssa with me because I had been drinking. I told her I had one beer with my neighbors, Kathy Kobb (RN) and Milton and Judy Sanders (Both School Teachers) earlier in the evening but I was not drunk. Me. Cheatham then said if I had somebody to come get Alyssa she wouldn’t have to take her. I immediately went to my neighbors and had the 3 of them talk to her and they confirmed that I was not drunk and Ms. Cheatham would not allow Ms. Kobbs or Mr and Mrs. Sandars to take Alyssa because they were not family. Alyssa had been around all 3 her whole life and even called Mrs. Sanders as Grandma Judy. I then called my cousin Chris and she wouldn’t allow him to pick Alyssa up because his live in girlfriend had only lived in Carter County 5 months and whoever picked her up had to live in Carter County 6 months, Alyssa was at that point taken out of our home by the officer and taken to Sulpher (not in Carter County) to a foster home. I was not allowed to see Alyssa for 3 weeks and it was horrifying because Alyssa and I had never spent a day or night apart and not knowing how she was doing or if she was eating, sleeping, crying or safe. The only thing in the world I wanted was to see and hug her. I finally got to see her and she was not the same, she was scared and it was so obvious and I couldn’t help her. It was the worst feeling ever. A couple of weeks later, Ms.Cheatham’s supervisor called me and said they had no one to watch Alyssa the following morning so I needed to come to their office from 8am to 5pm and watch her and while I was there try to get Alyssa to eat because she was refusing food. I was beyond angry that she had not eaten and nobody told me. I went the next morning to the Dhs office, I arrived at 8:02am and Ms. Cheatham was in the lobby pointing to her watch and saying Alyssa wasn’t to important because I was late. She took me in a room in back and told me she would go get Alyssa and came back 15 minutes later without Alyssa and I then asked why nobody told me that Alyssa was refusing food and Ms. Cheatham became furious and started saying I was drunk and to leave before she called the cops. I left and went to the hospital and had an alcohol test done and the results were negative. I called to tell them and nobody would take my call but hours later called and told me Alyssa had been taken 4 hours to Gore, Oklahoma to her paternal Grandparents. Alyssa did not know her Grandparents, she had only seen them a few times. I was devastated go say the least. That is where my story basically ends, Dhs has never sit and talked with me to get to know about who I am or about my life, they don’t tell me anything about Alyssa or my case even if I ask. It has been almost a year and I see Alyssa once a month per court order. The Judge (Judge Morris, Carter County) ordered Dhs to transport me to Gore once a month and the Grandparents to bring Alyssa to see me once a month and the Grandparents do not. This is where the story takes a turn. Ms. Cheatham is kin to Alyssa’s father and grandparents. Alyssa’s dad is an abuser and admitted he bruised her and me. In court dhs said he is doing great and should have Alyssa and he does. I got put down and nothing else. I have done everything asked of me and more and Alyssa father has done nothing. Ms. Cheatham uses many different last names and has a long criminal history including exploiting the elderly and child abuse. Alyssa’s father still threatens me and calls me names. Does Alyssa deserve this? Does Alyssa deserve to be kept from her mother and live with an abuser? I dont think this is right at all. There are a few more things to this story but ill start with this. Please please please help me bring Alyssa home!!!!! Thank you, Valorie Kidd 580-630-4127   Name:    Valorie Kidd