My name is Evelyn and I was a victim of CPS from the day I was born.

Story: My name is Evelyn and I was a victim of CPS from the day I was born. A nurse whom only physical characteristics were described to me, and having a boisterous attitude told my mother “does this baby even have a father?” From birth I was cursed and my mother reported to CPS for having a former CPS case of which she was exonerated. So my story starts here. I have 3 older brothers who their father was my mothers husband and his name was Jack Schultz. He was a very smart man who was a fire truck engineer and provided for my mother to be a house wife. He was killed and the coroner claimed a suicide, and my mother was put on trial and thrown into prison pending trial without any burden of proof. While she was in prison my three brothers were taken by CPS who had caused my mother this prison time by perjuring my mother saying she killed him even though the coroner himself said he committed suicide by gun and the neighbor even was visiting my mother when they heard the gun shot. When my mother was exonerated CPS refused to give my mother back her children claiming she had a mental illness and therefore she is a child abuser. My 3 year old brother David Schultz was drowned in a foster care home and was obviously not being supervised by foster parents. Or was he? Was my brother murdered? This was swept under the rug and perhaps even these evil foster carers were able to have more foster children to lookafter. As my brother was blue he was all alone dying in the hospital when my mother got a call from the worker and she went to the hospital to cradle her beautiful blonde boy David, who was kidnapped and given to monsters. The stalking and attacks did not end there for my mother. She went on to have other children, including me, until lowlifes reported my mother for neglect, which was false. Having dealt with CPS it drains your bank account and money sources and my mother was a victim to being poor at their hands. I was brought home from the hospital until social worker showed up off and on for the first few years of my life, and to force my mother on mental medications through the county (remember the meds were forced since the death of her husband) and one of the medications she was forced on while pregnant with me caused me to seizure as a baby. I was well taken care of and happy with my mother and her friend and his family whom I called papa and grandma. Well after periodic removals and then the judge giving me back to my mother, finally at the age of 5 i was stripped from my mother on Christmas Eve, I was told by my mother that I was screaming and traumatized. The CPS let me take my gifts all wrapped and slammed the door and told my papa “thank u many kids will be happy for these gifts.” I never got the gifts and i was repeatedly sexually assaulted and physically and emotionally abused in foster homes, until one foster mother told CPS she took me to doctor and noticed a tear on my vagina as CPS transferred me to her home. She said CPS refused to help me and she managed to get my mothers phone number pleading to adopt me because she cant stand to see me be raped and transferred from so many different homes. My mother said yes, because she thought these christian people wouldnt let anyone harm me again. My adoptive parents let me visit my mom at age 7, but i rarely ever was able to speak to her on the phone, they had jealousy that I wanted to be with my mom. I was brainwashed that I was in fact an orphan and that I should be grateful that anyone even cared about me. I had an ok child hood, but it was artificial, the love was absent many times, and my adoptive mother would treat me badly at times, and I have been slapped, told to shut up, and was forced to clean the church every sunday, help my mom after school at her daycare, and told I am stupid because I couldnt grasp certain educational math equations. I did not get medical treatment either which almost caused my death at the age of 18. I didnt have health insurance, i only went to the dentist once the entire time I lived with these foster parents and was forced to “tough it up.” At 18 I had a cyst the size of a large orange and had to have emergency surgery and had chronic athsma from allergens, and almost died from anesthesia and a throat infection that was my sinuses and throat operated on. I would still choose my mother over being raised by strangers any day. As an adult i have always been scared to death of CPS but didnt know that social workers and nurses at hospitals are disguised and cooperative to create false allegations. I had many a social worker in my adult life try to sabotage my family and even one had went as far to break HIPAA laws to destroy me when she had made a pass at my husband for.being “nice to ber.” I am terrified of physicians because i know they are easily swayed by CPS sabotage. This entire experience has caused me so much anger, resenent, and trust issues, even sexual  dysfunction at times in my relationship because of the sexual assaults amd subconscious pain of penetration as a toddler. I have since reunified with my mom, and a few of my siblings, all of whom have also been brain damaged due to abuse from foster carers CPS placed them with. My oldest brother Gary Cole I have not been able to locate, amd I have a sister named Amber Angela Dawn Cole, whom CPS had stolen as an infant and sold never to be seen again. I am hoping my story can bring to light the horrors and truths that CPS fabricates lies to destroy families, and they do not have a soul or accountability when a child dies Its all about removing as many children as they possibly can without due process. Thank you for letting me share my story this is highly informal but I am not a great writer if you would like me to elaborate on more things, for instance the nightmares that I found out were flashbacks, I can share more in an interview or phone conversation and I am located in NYC. Thanks to Patricia’s Children and the dedication to create awareness of the dangers of systematic trapping of children in the system. Blessings!