Need help how to get my grandchildern out of CPS in WV

Hi my name is Carla, I need help how to get my grandchildern out of CPS in WV. I live in Ohio,my son was moving back here from NC. He went to the childerns mother to get her to come to Ohio. The boyfriend followed them and shot my son back glass out. He left, and was arrested couple days later, cops came and arrested my son and his ex-girlfriend for obstruction they said he was hiding he was in the restroom and was talking to his children trying to calm them down then he went out to talk to the police in Richwood West Virginia and they said he was hiding so they arrested him and impounded his car. He was released the next day. But by the time he had got out CPS came that morning and took the two children out of the house they are 5 and 8 they said nobody was with them their grandmother was there and their aunt. So Mike’s lawyer tells me to get the the witness  there to prove that there was someone in the house and then when he gets Mike into the courtroom he tells Mike to go another way and do Improvementperiod Or if he lost he wouldn’t see his kids for 6 months he played Mike. I would love to have my grandchildren and get them out of the system but nobody will talk to me except for Mike’s attorney which is not much so I can take care of them not put in the system they took them January 18th no one has talked to me I’ve called and left messages nobody return a call I have no idea where the kids are they took them right after Christmas they didn’t take any of they’re their clothes or Christmas presents they just took them I have no idea how they’re thinking what they’re thinking what is going on with them where they are at if they’re in foster care or if they are in a children’s home you get no answers nobody seems to care about anything cuz they will not answer you I talked to an attorney myself I have to have a $3,500 retainer and that’s not a guarantee because I live in the state of Ohio this is crazy and scared to death for my grandchildren. Please help if you can give me some good advice of what to do how to do it how to get my grandchildren with me to love them and know they will be safe with me. They took the the children and act like there are safe but how do we really know that they are safe we don’t even know. I need help. Their names are Myra and Mason Kasee. Mason birthday was May 8th he was 6 Myra’s will be 9 July 19th I don’t know how these people think that you can take children out of a home and put them somewhere where they have absolutely no idea who these people are and they think they are safer. Mike has always been with his children their mother has left them numerous times he got custody in 2014 in Columbus Ohio then they got back together and lived here for few years and went to North Carolina to try something different and she left again she has lost custody she did not show up to any of her court date Thank you Carla Singleton Please Please help