On November 21st, 2017 DCF removed both of my children from my home by force

On November 21st, 2017 DCF removed both of my children from my home by force with a court order called a “TICO”, also called an Order To Take Into Custody. This court order was obtained due to the fact I would not let DCF into my home or let them see my children unless I was present, a meeting was set on November 20th, 2017 for them to come and see the children on November 22nd, 2017 at 10am.

The events leading up to this started back on October 5th, 2017 when I went to my baby’s standard checkup appointment, Sylvanas was 6 months old at this time. She was diagnosed with Failure to Thrive, which I had been very concerned about, mentioning it several times to her doctor, and she was then referred to a specialist, Doctor Sangeeta Bhargava. Her first appointment was on October 12th, 2017, she weighed 10lb 9oz. During this appointment, she was assessed to have Failure to Thrive and we were given instructions to do a poop test on her, withhold all solids and keep her on a breast milk formula diet.

The next appointment was on October 31st, 2017, which we had to reschedule three times because I was working and the office had no other open spots, except only Mondays. Once again the same diagnoses was given, Failure to Thrive, I did not follow the medical advice to withhold solids. Dr. Bhargava was very insistent that we needed to make sure we were withholding solids because “they are just empty calories and do nothing but fill them up”. At this appointment, Sylvanas weighed 11lb 2oz. We were also prescribed lactulose; the next appointment was scheduled for November 16th, 2017.

Sylvanas weighed 10lb 12oz; from October 31st to November 16th as I followed the doctor’s instructions to withhold all solids. She lost a lot of the weight she put on from her previously being on the solids and breast milk diet. It was during this visit that Dr. Bhargava informed us if Sylvanas did not continue to put on weight she would be hospitalized on her next appointment. My husband Michael Kellar, the father of both children, voiced his opinion that he did not agree with this and wanted to pursue a second opinion. Dr. Bhargava threatened us with making a report to DCF because of the actions we wanted to pursue; despite this we scheduled the next appointment for November 30th.  We were also able to get a request for a head CT scan of the baby after pressing the matter. Dr. Bhargava however, still did not want to order any kind of tests on the baby and once again told us to withhold solids.

I contacted Sylvanas main pediatrician for a referral to a new Gastroenterologist for a second opinion, the receptionist took a message and told me she would get back with me by 5pm that day. She never did and I ended up calling back the next day, my husband went out to pick up the referral from them on the 17th.

My husband came home on November 17th to a card on our door from DCF; I was at work and received a voicemail from DCF informing me they wanted to get in touch. This was a Friday and because I worked until 8pm and assumed it being a government agency they would be closed until Monday November 20th.

On the 20th I called the new Gastroenterologist and set up an appointment for December 7th, I would still be keeping the appointment with the old one on November 30th to give the new doctor all the results. I also called DCF back and made an appointment for Wednesday November 22 at 10am for them to come by and see Sylvanas. I made a point to let them know they would need a warrant to enter the home, as this is my 4th Amendment right.

My next court date is December 20th; I have seen my children once on November 22nd for only an hour. Since then I have not had any contact from DCF on the next time I can see my children. In the court documents, I have the right to see them at minimum 2 times per month for at minimum an hour each visit. Sylvanas is a breast fed baby, no one has been in contact to pick up her milk which I have offered them on three different occasions.

I have documented proof for everything I have stated in this, and I am more than willing to share it if need be. I want my children back; I missed my babies’ first Thanksgiving which I will never be able to get that moment back again. It was stolen from me; I do not have custody of my children because my husband and I wanted to seek a second opinion on our daughters’ Failure to Thrive diagnosis. My oldest daughter Aletheia, was taken from me for reasons I do not understand the allegations brought against us are unreal. This whole thing seems like it is a work of fiction taken from a Hollywood movie.

Sincerely  Samantha Neubauer
Email:   zuelek@gmail.com
Samantha Neubauer