Patricia’s children really grabbed my interest, because we have been dealing with

Patricia’s children really grabbed my interest, because we have been dealing with alot of things in the past almost 2 years. Long story short my daughter was in a domestic violent situation, their baby was removed and placed in foster care, I and my partner fought for 3 weeks to get my grandson from dhhs/cps here in bangor maine, we became kinship foster parents for him. My daughter and baby father eventually parted ways. But because the caseworker got angry at us for questioning everything that didnt seem right she suddenly decided that my grandson should live with the father. Now the father and father’s mother both are abusive..his mother has child abuse history and our case worker decided that didnt matter anymore because she was mad at us. She was not truthful in court. She was unprofessional. I dont believe a young girl who was only working in the field maybe 18 months should have been making decisions on my grandson. Now he is in a home where hes not really wanted and my daughter sees her son 2 days a week because she has depression and anxiety. But the babys father has untreated ptsd due to abuse from his own mother. He leaves my grandson with this woman who abused him. And the case worker is aware of the past abuse because her kids were removed 3 times. So they took my grandson because of domestic violence then placed him back with the abusers, they acted like it was my daughters fault she was abused. I don’t understand it at all. Im saddened everyday. My partner and I had my grandson the first year of his life. We have no records of abuse or anything of any kind..we were his permancy plan. I dont know why our cps think the abusive family was the better choice. 🙁
I hope to learn more or how to fight back and help my grandson and remove this caseworker.