y 3 babies were Illigally stolen due to no electricity. 

Story: On July 19, 2015. My 3 babies were Illigally stolen due to no electricity.  In court our judge said we were good loving parents.  But they wrote false fraudulent charges.  So we protested.  They sent sheriffs dupties after us with guns saying “we’re are upsetting the wrong people and won’t never see our babies again”. Sure enough we were rushed back into the court room front of the judge Emily Peacock.  She summons us saying ” we’re are not safe with our children “… On Oct 9.  On my secure visit to my children at the criminal justice center. My 6 year old daughter Abbygail said someone touched her.  So I dialed 911 for help. But I was slammed hard against the wall. Put in a deadly illegal choke on my wondpipe still holding my 6 year old baby daughter Abbygail.  Easily dropping her, crushing her baby skull. .. I was arrested and charged of kidnapping my own children.  What??? Worst part. My 17 year old son was brutally slammed against the wall and was arrested for asking if his mom was ok and what did I do wrong??? He was given 6 months of community service. .. My charges were all magically dropped. Not even making to the court.  But out on $1,000. Bail.. On February 22. My son Brandon came to us on his own free will.. To ask for our help.. Where I seen his baby sister and younger brother being threatened and being abused… No one would listen to him.. So my husband and I called 911 and our children child advocate jay Taylor to let him know where my son was. And the caseworker. We got a text message saying Brandon can still with us till the court date… Well, why did they come to arrest us in the dark? ? But had 3 police officers going to my sons high school and locking him in dark secluded room. Putting handcuffs on him telling him he didn’t nothing wrong and that his not trouble. . So why the handcuff. They grind him against the wall and brutally cut and atlked him. Laughing at my son.. Putting my husband in jail for 8 months. Brutally threatening and torturing him. Taking way his parental rights. Not taking him to his court date. Keep pushing it back. They wanted to make example out of him. They put my husband in a shit covered holding cell for 21 days and without any water for 3 whole days.. They literally tried to kill my husband. . Worst part, they told lies to the other inmates.  Did you know being homeless is a big crime?? And you ask for water. You get your head smashed into a wall??? Worst part of all this. My 2 innocent babies.  Alex and Abbygail whose scare and all alone. No one telling them I love you. Whose touching my daughter? ? Whose hurting my son Alex?  All pedophilies and sick social paths working near these children.  Sick.  Making money of our children raping poor families. My daughters child advocate told my 6 year old daughter her mommy and daddy are dead. And we don’t love our babies.. How can anyone tell your child that? ?? Please as a mom, wife a daughter to someone.  Help my children and other children. Please help end these crooks. Please watch our YouTube rot bake.

Name:    Cindy
Email:   Cindyskon1976@gmail.com